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Enhanced Performance:

Cross-training for ballet dancers provides a holistic approach to improving strength, flexibility, and stamina, ultimately boosting your technique.

Injury Prevention:

My program focuses on reducing the risk of injuries commonly faced in ballet, ensuring longevity in your dance career.



By diversifying your workouts through cross-training, you'll develop a versatile skill set, enabling you to master various dance styles and techniques more effectively.

Improved Technique:

Supplementing ballet with cross-training enhances your overall technique, refining posture, alignment, and control, thereby elevating the quality of your performances.

Expert Guidance:

Access guidance from me, Veronica K, Certified Personal Trainer, former Physical Therapist Assistant, B.A. in Dance, and former professional dancer. 



Our platform provides easy accessibility to a wide array of cross-training exercises that can be done from the comfort of your home, fitting seamlessly into your schedule.

​Join our Cross-Training for Ballet Dancers platform on Veronica K and revolutionize your dance training. Elevate your ballet performance, prevent injuries, and unlock your full potential as a dancer.

Year memberships include 1 free private evaluation to get you started on the right path! 

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