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Instructor Certification (COHORT 1 OPENS SOON)

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COHORT 1 REGISTRATION IN JUNE- 10 SPOTS AVAILABLE! Class begins (self-paced July 1st!) Learn my cross-training techniques that combine the most unique skillset to create the Veronica K Method. My certification course equips dance instructors with the knowledge to design safe and effective cross-training programs, minimizing injuries and maximizing well-being for dancers of all ages. I've condensed my education from 3 degrees to this very course to help you design safe and effective programs like no other cross-trainer out there. I will teach you anatomy, vestibular training, myofascial mobility, strength training, and cardio catered toward dancer's goals. Master age-specific considerations to design engaging routines for all students. Learn to analyze your dancer's movement & prescribe appropriate out of class exercises. Become a dance injury prevention expert. Identify common dance injuries and create safe modifications. Craft effective programs: Understand the F.I.T.T. principle and leverage your knowledge of physiology to optimize training benefits. This course also includes: 2 opportunities to meet live with Veronica. One 1:1 session on Zoom and 1 group Q/A forum. Become a certified instructor in the Veronica K Ballet Method, elevate your dancers' performance, and be part of the dance revolution!

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Instructor Certification, $1,500.00

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