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Kids Cross-training Dance Platform

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Introducing an exclusive Kids Cross-Training for Dancers course designed to accelerate your young dancer's progress. As a parent concerned about your child's technique or eager to see them improve faster, this program is tailored for children aged 5 to 9 years old. Children 10+ may join the full VKB Platform. This course consists of six thoughtfully crafted classes aimed at enhancing specific aspects of ballet, including turnout, extensions, footwork, balance, core strength, posture, and flexibility. These exercises are selected to improve ballet technique while fostering overall development and coordination in young dancers. As a parent, you can be confident that your child will progress at a safe and age-appropriate pace, ensuring their well-being while excelling in their dance journey. This program is structured to cater to the needs of young dancers, allowing them to flourish and grow their skills. Additionally, this course isn't limited to dancers alone. It's also beneficial for instructors seeking to enhance their ability to guide young dancers in cross-training and ensuring safe dance techniques from an early age. By enrolling, you can gain insights and tools to support your child's dance journey effectively. This program is designed to empower young dancers, instilling in them a love for dance and dedication to proper technique. Join us in this transformative journey to help your child shine brighter and dance with confidence.

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    Veronica K


Kids Cross-training for Dancers, $299.00

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