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Summer Cross-training Intensive

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Want to improve by doing 1 hour of cross-training per week? This course is designed to help you improve technique with cross-training in a scheduled, time manageable, step by step fashion. It is 8 weeks long but, may be completed at your own pace & you will pay 1x fee for lifelong access! If you're a dancer who already has a lot on your plate but, you're still trying to improve- this course is perfect for you! It's laid out into 8 weeks but, it's self-paced where you may join at anytime and complete at your own pace. Each week you'll have a new routine focusing on different areas of the body and dance each week. Week 1 core/posture, week 2 balance/turns, week 3 turnout, week 4 foot/ankle, week 5 jumps, week 6 extensions, week 7 port de bras, week 8 full body cardio training. These are NOT the same classes that are on the platform in the courses. These are quick & easy routines designed for a busy dancer to maintain or improve in the summer! Please refer all questions to

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Summer Intensive, $300.00

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Summer Intensive Community

Summer Intensive Community

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