Learn about your instructors here!​ Live classes are always held to a minimum to ensure optimal feedback!


Unlimited on Demand

  • 20 to 30 uploads per month 

  • Full length classes 

  • Classes include:

    • Beginner ballet​

    • Int/beginner ballet

    • Int/Adv Ballet

    • Contemporary

    • Yoga 

    • Pilates 

    • Barre Fitness 

    • Dancer Stretching​​

  • Cancel anytime!


Live On Demand Hybrid Unlimited

  • 20 to 30 live classes a month

  • Times for classes below in live section

  • Includes all live classes listed below!

  • Includes access anytime to on demand classes

  • Cancel anytime!


Live Classes

1 time fee for a entire semester of classes! (per subject)

We keep our classes small to enhance student teacher interaction and corrections!


  • Combining techniques of ballet, pilates, yoga, and strength training

    Starts May 10

    39 US dollars
  • Core strength, flexibility, postural alignment, and muscle balance.

    Starts May 6

    50 US dollars
  • For adult dancers, taught by Ms Christine & Ms Veronica

    Starts May 19

    72 US dollars
  • Stretches to improve range of motion for dancers

    Starts Jun 2

    39 US dollars
  • A strengthening class for pre-pointe & pointe dancers

    Starts May 4

    68 US dollars
  • No experience needed! Start your ballet journey!

    Starts May 4

    73 US dollars
  • A step up from beginner ballet for those ready to learn more!

    Starts May 4

    73 US dollars
  • Beginner/Intermediate Mix for Adults

    Starts May 4

    68 US dollars

Single Subject on Demand

FAQ'S for on Demand:

"What's the difference between on demand & premium platform?"

These classes are 14 week consecutive technique classes recorded from live class & are not included in the platform at this time.

"I purchased my on demand access but, I don't know how to get the recordings!?"

After purchasing, you will receive an email saying "your download is ready." This will take you to a PDF that gives detailed instruction on how to login to Google Classroom to retrieve downloads. 

Veronica also sends out an invitation to the Google Classroom & reminder email with access code before the semester starts. PLEASE check your spam folder for the above alerts to find your code.

Your classes are NOT currently on the platform you MUST register for Google Classroom to access.

If you haven't received a receipt or any of the above emails, please contact Veronica because you may have entered a typo email at the time of purchase (we're all human!). 

"When do the downloads get posted?"

The classes will be posted to Google Classroom 1-2 days at most after live class is held. 

"Is there a time frame I need to download class before it's removed?"

You'll never have to worry about that. As long as you're registered on the Google Classroom the classes are available to you 100% of the time and can be downloaded anytime after upload is done processing.

Dress code for ballet classes: 

Females: hair in ponytail or bun, ballet flats, form fitting athletic wear or leotard. Nothing baggy to correct alignment. No thong leotards. 


If you have long hair tie away from face. Please either wear tights and shorts with full coverage or athletic shorts that cover when lifting legs. Tee shirts or tanks are acceptable. If shirts are loose, try tying back shirt with hair tie so teacher can properly give you feedback on your technique. 

Agender: Please wear whatever clothing you feel is comfortable within the guidelines of ballet/workout attire. Everyone is accepted and you will not be judged!

No offensive writing on shirts or clothing. No offensive symbols on clothing. No provocative dress or nudity of any kind. Your teacher may ask you to change or wear something more appropriate if wearing clothing that is not appropriate to your class. If you're unsure, please email us at

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