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At Veronica K Dance Cross-training, we believe that cross-training is essential for developing well-rounded dancers. Our platform provides access to a range of courses to help dancers of all levels improve their technique and reach their full potential. With features that allow you to track your progress and stay on top of your training schedule, our program is designed to make cross-training easy and effective. Whether you're an experienced dancer looking to refine your skills or a beginner looking to build a solid foundation, we have the right course for you.

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Join over 1000 Dancers Worldwide

Simple Plans

Step by step video guidance that only take 2-3 days a week

Over 10+ courses

With new courses added each month

& live Zoom workshops

Safe & effective

An injury prevention portal backed by dance medicine & exercise science research

You need these courses if you are a...


Whether you're 11 or 65, we have courses suitable to develop your strength, flexibility, and mobility for better technique.


Use the platform as a resource to learn methods of safe teaching and exercises to help improve your dancers. Great for studio owners too!

Returning to dance

Slowly ease your way back using our post-partum or beginner plans. Help avoid injuries from returning too quickly.


Choose from a variety of beginner classes to develop a solid foundation. Learn exercises & stretches to grow safely.

Welcome! Meet Veronica K

Welcome! Meet Veronica K

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