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Core is More Instructor Version

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An exclusive program for dance educators to improve their teaching skills & empower ballet students with exceptional core control, posture, and balance. This course contains: Core Exercises and Progressions: Immerse yourself in 6 weeks of targeted core exercises aimed at helping ballet students master core control, refine posture, and enhance overall balance. These exercises seamlessly integrate into ballet classes. Educational Ebooks: Access 2 insightful ebooks covering essential core anatomy and effective teaching methods. Deepen your understanding of core training intricacies. Student Progress Tracking Sheets: Utilize printable progress tracking sheets to monitor and record student development. Tailor your instruction based on individual needs and celebrate their achievements along the way. Desktop and App Versions: Enjoy flexibility with access on both desktop and app versions. Whether in the studio or on the go, Core is More ensures a seamless learning experience. Improved Instructional Skills: Hone your ability to correct students effectively and ensure comprehension. The course focuses on refining instructional skills, enabling you to convey concepts clearly and motivate students. Quizzes for Content Retention: Reinforce learning through quizzes designed to solidify understanding of core anatomy and teaching methods. Certificate of Completion for Studios: Receive a certificate of completion upon finishing the course. Showcase your commitment to ongoing professional development and elevate your studio's reputation as a hub for top-quality dance instruction and injury prevention. Bonus: Advanced Dancer Core Progressions: Gain exclusive access to advanced dancer core progressions crafted for instructors. Elevate your own skills, enabling you to guide advanced dancers in refining their core strength and control.

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Instructor Version- Core is More, $120.00

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