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Core is More Student Version

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For students ages 10+ A cutting-edge course meticulously designed to integrate the latest advancements in dance medicine, personal training from the National Federation of Professional Trainers, and innovative physical therapy interventions. Led by the experienced and certified core personal trainer, Veronica K, this six-week program is tailored to guide you through targeted progressions aimed at enhancing various facets of your core for improved ballet technique. Improved Posture: Enhance your dance presence with refined posture. The Core Mastery Course focuses on posture improvement, ensuring a graceful and aligned stance that translates seamlessly into your dance movements. Enhanced Shoulder and Spinal Mobility: Experience increased range of motion in your shoulders and spine. This improvement in mobility allows dancers to execute more intricate movements with fluidity and precision. Optimal Pelvis and Trunk Alignment: Achieve a balanced and aligned pelvis and trunk, providing a solid foundation for dance movements. Improved alignment contributes to better control, stability, and aesthetics in your performances. Increased Core Strength and Endurance: Develop a strong and resilient core that supports your dance techniques. Improved core strength and endurance contribute to better control during dynamic movements and help prevent fatigue. Balanced and Controlled Movements: Attain a heightened sense of balance and control over your body. The Core Mastery Program emphasizes exercises that enhance proprioception, allowing dancers to execute movements with precision and confidence. Six-Week Progressions: Delve into a structured six-week program, carefully curated to provide gradual progressions. Each week focuses on different aspects of core fitness, including posture refinement, enhancement of shoulder and spinal mobility, alignment of pelvis and trunk, and building strength and endurance for sustained posture.

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