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Snapping Hip Course

  • 9pasos
Todos los que completen todos los pasos del programa obtendrán una insignia.


Introducing the Dancer Snapping Hip Course, a comprehensive program designed to enhance the strength of muscles affected by both external and internal snapping hip conditions. This course is not intended as a medical treatment, but rather as a valuable resource to empower dancers on their journey towards a stronger and safer dance body. This course spans four weeks, with a flexible progression structure that encourages participants to advance at their own pace, respecting their individual tolerance levels. It is imperative to exercise caution, and if any discomfort or pain arises during the process, we strongly advise discontinuing the exercises. In the event that symptoms worsen, we recommend consulting a qualified medical provider to ensure your well-being and safety throughout your dance training. This course includes: 1. Video routines in a four week coaching program 2. Educational and motivational articles to help you through this journey 3. Stretches at the end of each routine

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