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Turns 2.0

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Take your turns to the next level! This Turns 2.0 course goes beyond the basics, building on your existing pirouette knowledge (take-off, rotation, landing) to create powerful, controlled turns across all dance styles. Ready to level up? This course dives deep into techniques not typically covered in ballet class. We'll explore: Vestibular Training: Master your inner ear balance system for faster, more precise spotting. Visual tracking exercises will train your eyes to lock onto targets, improving your spotting accuracy and speed. Core Strength: Conquer rotational forces! Targeted exercises will strengthen your core, allowing you to maintain impeccable alignment during even the most challenging turns. Posture & Alignment: Perfect form equals flawless turns. We'll work on improving your posture and body alignment, creating a more stable foundation for intricate pirouettes and fouettés. Lower Leg Strength: A strong base is key! We'll target exercises to strengthen your lower legs, giving you the power and stability to execute multiple turns with ease. Bonus! This course also includes key tutorials for: Raising Your Passé: Elevate your turns with a higher passé technique for a more visually stunning performance. Flawless Fouetté Turns: Master the art of fouetté turns with expert tips and drills to achieve that coveted whiplash motion. This course is perfect for intermediate dancers who already understand basic pirouette mechanics and want to refine, strengthen, and elevate their turns. Ready to turn with more grace and confidence? Enroll today!

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