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Unleash Your Potential: Summer Intensive with Veronica K Platform

Take your dance technique to the next level with an exclusive 8-week program designed to transform your skills.​

Why Choose the Veronica K Summer Intensive?

Ballet school
  • Unlock Hidden Mobility: Improve flexibility and range of motion for effortless dance movements.

  • Master Powerful Jumps & Pirouettes: Learn techniques to elevate your jumps and pirouettes with confidence.

  • Injury Prevention Strategies: Gain valuable knowledge to prevent injuries and ensure a healthy dance journey.

  • Lifetime Access to Content: Keep learning and revisit the valuable content whenever you need it.

  • Live Sessions with Veronica K: Ask questions, get expert guidance, and personalize your training experience (highlight the exclusivity).

  • Exclusive Resources & Bonuses: Access an exclusive group community board, downloadable planner, stretch routines, and bonus materials to enhance your dance practice!

8 weeks

Doors open June 3rd to classes. Unlimited self-paced access. Enrollment closes June 15. 

Live Zoom Workshops

Exclusive to summer intensive members only. Held June 22nd & July 27th 9:30am EST. Recordings will be sent. 

Community & Feedback

Get exclusive access to a feedback and community support board where you can communicate with Veronica and celebrate progress!

Safe sustainable training

Work with a Certified Personal Trainer, Former Pro Dancer, and Physical Therapist Asst.

All styles of dance

While my training focuses in ballet, jazz and modern dancers may benefit as well. 


  • Dancers 11+

  • Enrollment doors close June 1st. 


  • Summer Intensive

    Perfect for the busy dancer not wanting to lose technique but, GAIN it over the summer!
    • 2 Live Zoom workshops + recordings
    • Exclusive community board with feedback from Veronica
    • Includes FREE Dancer Digital Planner & Progress Tracking
    • Injury Prevention Portal Access
    • 50% off coupon toward 1 hr. Private lesson!
    • Routines under 30 min!
    • 8 Weeks Self-Paced
    • Improve your turnout and open hidden hip mobility.
    • Stop falling out of pirouettes.
    • Reach the sky with extensions.
    • Stretch your feet like never before.
    • One purchase with lifetime access to content! Never expires!
    • Great for dancers 12+ years old (Recreational to Pro)
    • No refunds or chargebacks per digital download policy.
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