Cross-training is an ESSENTIAL part of growing your dance technique whether your a professional or recreational dancer. Our unique training platform is designed to promote improved ballet technique while preventing common injuries. All exercises are designed by Veronica K with influences from dance anatomy & physical therapy.

Weekly Classes*

40-45 min weekly cross-training & injury prevention classes  Friday's 10am EST. *Live classes will NOT be held while Veronica is on maternity leave.


Essential Ballet Exercises

Improve your extensions, turnout, feet, pirouettes, jumps, and port de bras with these exercises proven to improve your technique!

Injury Prevention & Recovery

Want to make your body hurt less during ballet class? Start working on injury prevention techniques to keep your career strong.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cross-training Platform

Why do I need a ballet cross training program?

Ballet dancers need both strength and length in their muscles multiple ranges of movement patterns. In order for those muscles to not over or under develop in a certain pattern of movement, it is ESSENTIAL to cross train for the most optinal dance performance. Even if you are not planning to become a professional dancer, cross training is important to prevent injuries and keep your body from aches and pains after dance class! Cross training with the proper ballet exercises essential because you do not want to train in patterns that DO NOT functionally transfer to dance. Simply going to the gym and using a few machines may not cut it when we're talking about ballet. Ballet is a specific athletic and art form that requires different muscle fibers and patterns of movement than typical gym routines include. This is why you need to join a plan that is specific and functional to your ballet progress and training.

If I miss a group class and I'm a Premium Member, how can I see it?

In the Premium Platform, all weekly Zoom classes are uploaded to the "On Demand" ballet class section. This way, if you live in a different timezone or cannot make it to class that day, then you can watch and participate on your own time!

What level of ballet dancer  is the Premium Platform for?

ALL! Veronica K has broken down specific sections to accomodate dancers of all levels. The platform has specific sections for the beginning dancer to break down steps that you may not have even heard of yet! The ballet exercises are essential for dancers of all levels and will be helpful for beginner ballet dancers as well as advanced ballet dancers looking to progress to the next level.

Do I get free private lessons with the Premium Platform?

You can EARN THEM! In the Cross-training Platform, there are challenges that you must sign up for and complete. After completing a challenge, you earn a badge! Once you earn a certain number of badges, you can earn a private lesson as well as some other really cool prizes. If you decide to not participate in the challages but, want private lessons, Premium Ballerinas get discounted privates anytime for $30 per session.

I want to be a Premium member but, I can't attend weekly class

Good news! Classes are posted after held on the platform for you to playback anytime you wish! You can even send Veronica videos of yourself taking class and then she'll send you an entire document back with corrections and suggestions on which stretches or exercises you can perform to make you a better dancer!

What is in the Cross-Training Platform?

It is a library of cross training exercises specific to ballet training and conditioning. These pre-recorded exercises and stretches are led by Veronica K. These exercises and stretches have been researched and supported by evidence to improve ballet technique while decreasing chance of injury. The platform also includes a section dedicated to short 40-45 minute classes to improve specific areas of ballet technique. You can take these classes live or you can playback class when convenient to you. The platform also includes sections for working on pointe technique, alignment, stretching, and more!

If I enroll in the Platform, does it automatically renew after one year?

The only membership that automatically renews is the monthly membership. If you wish to cancel your monthly, please go onto your Wix app and see account details and cancel your plan. If you have trouble finding it, please email 1 week before your billing cycle ends to ensure your account does not get charged for the next month. Premium Plus memberships are committed to a 3 month contract before closing the account. Premium yearly memberships: no refunds or credits are given unless you decide after 1 day the platform is not for you. The membership will not be auto renewed after 1 year.

I always forget to come to live class, can I get a refund for my Premium Membership?

No, there's no refunds for not attending class or for 1 year memberships since class can always be accessed on the platform and you still have the capability to receive feedback from Veronica anytime on the platform by submitting videos!

I'm having trouble loading content on the platform

Try some of these tips when having problem loading pages 1. Reset your computer 2. Clean your cookies on your browser 3. Try another browser (if using Safari try Chrome etc.) 4. Try another device to rule out it isn't specific to that device 5. Check that your internet connection is strong and if not, reset your router

Where do I find my cross-training exercises?

Click on member login > click on cross-training platform > then look for the icon that says cross-training exercises. This will lead you to a section that has a variety of different exercise programs for upper body, lower, turnout, feet, and more!

Where can I find the stretches in the cross-training platform?

If you click on the main menu page (not inside cross-training exercises), this will lead you to a list of icons. Here you'll see the stretches icon in the list.

Where can I find a guide to help with my pain I'm experiencing.

Inside the main menu of the platform! Click the icon that says "pain guide" this will take you to a list of common problems and typical solutions to each one. If you are in pain while performing ballet or exercises it is recommended to take one week off your activity and rest the affected area. If after one week of self-care and rest this does not improve, contact your doctor or physical therapist locally so that he or she can examine you further and give you additional medical support.

Where can I find breakdowns of specific ballet steps?

In the cross-training platform on the main menu page.

How do I change the email I registered with?

While we cannot change your email that you login with, you can change the email you receive the alerts for your appointments and anything regarded to your account with. The email you registered with is your username permanently. If you registered with the wrong email, you will not receive a confirmation email or be able to progress further with any steps in setting up your membership. Please pay attention that your email is without typos upon opening your account. Please follow these steps and watch the video below: 1. Sign into your account 2. Click "My account" from upper right hand corner drop down options 3. Scroll down to email alerts option to change email you receive alerts at

Does the cross-training platform in include on demand classes?

The platform only includes on demand cross-training for ballet classes but, not technique classes. Cross-training classes are held each Friday at 10 AM est timezone but, not during Veronica's maternity leave (date of delivery through June). Classes can be viewed in the class library section on the main menu of the cross-training platform. For more technique classes on demand or live please visit this page

General Questions

I have medical issues, can I start this ballet program?

If you have any medical issues that impair your ability to physically move or cause you chronic pain, you must provide Veronica K Ballet documentation from a licensed physician stating you are clear to dance or perform ballet exercises prior to admission to program. This is for your own safety and the safety of your trainer, Veronica K.

How much space do I need for this program?

Veronica K accommodates for small areas. All exercises can easily be performed from the comfort of your home or studio if you desire. She does however recommend if you're on carpet, get a dance board of some sort. This not only makes it easier to have good ballet technique but, ensures you don't increase your risk of rolling your ankle on carpet.

Do I need to buy a ton of equipment to dance with you?

Nope! All you need is a chair to act as your barre really! Some of our fitness classes may require a mat or beach towel for comfort. Ballet slippers that are canvas or leather are recommended but, also not required. You can use socks or even a dance tennis shoe. Flooring: just make sure you're in a safe space. Cement does not qualify as safe to dance on. Carpet is better than cement but, will pose balance challenges.

I lost my password, help!

Sadly, Veronica K Ballet and instructors are not responsible nor can access what your former password is. You may use the password reset option. Please check spam folder for the emails. However, many have had trouble with this feature and Wix developers are working to fix the problem. If you have lost/forgotten your password please email and include screen shots of the error message you receive when trying to reset it. Please include your username so they are able to manually reset your password for you.

What timezone is everything in?

All classes are listed in Eastern Standard Timezone USA. When scheduling private lessons, you'll have the option to change the timezone on the page to your local time to help you schedule more efficiently.

How do I login to my cross-training platform membership?

Simple! Look for the pink button that says "member login" at the top of the page. Login with your username and password here.

I made an account but, I can't find the confirmation email

Please check your spam folder. Often times this email falls in there. Sometimes it can take up to 30 minutes for a new account member to receive their confirmation email. Unfortunately, we have no control over the speed of this email due to website servers and activation of Wix Bots. We apologize for the inconvenience and ask you to kindly wait until you receive your email so you can complete the purchase process and get your membership!

I lost my username and password

Please understand that VKB and instructors hold no responsibility to keep track of your username and password. If you have lost both, please contact us at with a copy of your receipt to prove you have purchased a plan. We confirmation of proof - we will provide you the email on file but, cannot provide your password due to being protected content. You'll have to use the password reset tool for that once you have your username. Username retrieval will not be available during Veronica's maternity leave

I never got a receipt or Zoom link

Please check your spam folder. Links and receipts are sent out automatically after any purchase has been made. I suggest holding onto your receipts in order to prove that you've purchased a package in case something happens technical error wise. If you have no emails from our Wix automated system please email with name and date of purchase and email.

Emergencies/Illness/Loss of Job

If you become severely sick, injured, or unemployed please contact us and we'll make appropriate arrangements for you to be best served. Please note you may be asked for further documentation to verify your current situation.

How do I reschedule my lesson or see what I have booked?

1. Click login bar at the top right hand corner of web browser or click 3 black lines on the mobile version of website in right hand corner. 2. Click on your username or login to your account 3. Select "My bookings" from drop down menu or list 4. You'll be taken to a page with a list of classes you've booked, private lessons, or anything else on your schedule! 5. Here you can easily click the drop down arrow by your appointment and reschedule your appointment to continue keeping the credit for your appointment. -You can reschedule 2x before it's a forfeiture of credit: for circumstances of injuries, sickness, or emergency this does not apply but, please communicate with us your situation.

I lost my Zoom link or didn't get one

You can easily obtain access to your Zoom link by going into your "my bookings" page on the website or Wix app. 1. Click login bar at the top right hand corner of web browser or click 3 black lines on the mobile version of website in right hand corner. 2. Click on your username or login to your account 3. Select "My bookings" from drop down menu or list 4. You'll be taken to a page with a list of classes you've booked, private lessons, or anything else on your schedule! 5. Here you can easily click the drop down arrow and you'll see a link that will provide you directly to your appointment!

How can I change the email I registered with?

While we cannot change your email that you login with, you can change the email you receive the alerts for your appointments and anything regarded to your account with. The email you registered with is your username permanently. If you registered with the wrong email, you will not receive a confirmation email or be able to progress further with any steps in setting up your membership. Please pay attention that your email is without typos upon opening your account. Please follow these steps and watch the video below: 1. Sign into your account 2. Click "My account" from upper right hand corner drop down options 3. Scroll down to email alerts option to change email you receive alerts at

What happens with Veronica's maternity leave?

Veronica will be on maternity leave from date of delivery until approximately June 1. Any sessions privately booked at this time you'll have the option for a reschedule with Jasmine or cancel with future account credit. Classes: group classes taught by Veronica interferred with by maternity leave or pregnancy will be rescheduled with another instructor or substitute will be provided at original time of class. Cross-training Friday classes: due to extra pre-recorded content uploaded prior to Veronica becoming less mobile, these pre-records are in lue of live classes held on Friday's. Friday class will not be held during Veronica's leave and will resume live after she returns. Cross-training classes are subject to change themes due to limited mobility of Veronica.

Does on demand unlimited package include cross-training?

No, on demand packages whether it be single subject purchase or unlimited packages do not include cross-training platform. Cross-training platform is specifically for cross-training only and includes live & on demand classes for cross-training for dancers but, NOT technique classes. (Live classes for cross-training will not be held during Veronica's maternity leave). On demand classes may be purchased at a single course rate (like just adult ballet) or you can purchase unlimited access to all classes on demand. These are specific to all technique and fitness classes offered but, not cross-training platform classes. See all options for on technique classes here See all details on cross-training platform here

Private Lessons

How old do I have to be to take your private lessons?

Veronica K will give private online ballet lessons to anyone of 15 years of age and older with appropriate parental permission.

What do I need for a private session?

Leotard, tights or biker shorts, and resistance bands are the recommended items for your private lessons!

What if I'm late to my private because my internet won't connect?

Please message Veronica immediately if you are having trouble connecting. If you are more than 15 minutes late, we'll have to reschedule the appointment due to others following and you will not receive your full class.

What happens when Veronica goes on maternity leave?

Jasmine will be covering all private lessons held in monthly cross-training + packages. Single purchas private lessons will have the option for future credit when Veronica returns from her leave (if already paid and scheduled) or participating with Ms Jasmine.

Can I have my cell phone during privates?

If you are expecting a call, work related or personal it is completely understandable to excuse yourself from your private lesson to take your phone call. Note that time taken from your private to answer phone calls cannot be extended over due to appointments following your own. If you are continuously texting people during the session that becomes a disuprtion to your learning or instruction, please refrain from doing this so you can maximize your time.

What's the reschedule/cancellation policy?

Rescheduling is defined as keeping credit for your session and performing it at another date/time. Reschedules must be made 24 hours at latest before your scheduled appointment spot. You may reschedule up to 2x unless special circumstances (please contact about special circumstances). Cancellations: We define this as breaking your appointment without the future intent of rescheduling. In these situations, clients are not eligible for refunds if they cancel their appointment less than 24 hours before your scheduled session. Cancels are not refunded to your account. Cancelling is doing so with the understanding that you are forfeiting your session completely. Emergencies: Please contact as soon as possible with sickness or emergency. We're flexible to help you out through these situations!

On Demand Classes

How do I access the on demand classes?

If you purchased an on demand class before May 1st, 2021 your on demand class will be located on Google Drive. Following your purchase you would have received a download including the link to Google Classroom. If you lost the link, pleae email and we'll provide you a new classroom link. If you have purchased an on demand class option following May 1st: all classes are located in the membership section. Simply login with your username/password and click on on demand classes, then the class you have purchased.

How often are classes uploaded to this section?

They are uploaded once a week. Each class has its own duration. Some are 6 weeks long and others last an entire semester. Keep looking at the live schedule to see what to expect in the form of uploads for the week

How can I download these classes?

You cannot. We only provide hosting services for these videos due to being copyright of Veronica K Ballet and instructors. Downloads are not available any longer. On demand classes can be viewed in your membership page for the duration of your purchased plan.

I only want to take one course on demand, can I still do that?

Yes! You just have to go to this page and then scroll to the class you want. Some classes like technique classes are held monthly and never stop uploading. You can purchase one of these classes for $12 a month and cancel anytime. Other speciality classes like yoga, pilates, barre fitness etc. these classes are held on a more infrequently basis and can be purchased in chunks of 3-4 month increments for a flat fee and no subscription. This way you have enough time to complete the class but, you won't continue getting billed for it after you've finished it!

Are on demand classes still on Google Classroom?

No, we now upload on demand classes to the membership section of the platform. You just need to login by clicking the pink bar at the top of the page, this will take you to the page with the on demand class button option. If you do not have a username/password, you need to create one before purchasing the plan. If you have made previous purchases, you may already have a username in which please login before purchasing your course. Please write passwords down to ensure you do not get locked out of your account. We do not keep log of passwords for your protection.

I want to buy my class today but, I can't start until next week

Just choose whatever day you want to start from the custom start date menu!

I bought on demand class but, didn't realize it expired! Help!

When you purchase on demand access, you're asked what date you'd like to start. Up in the corner it says "custom start date." This allows you to control when the plan starts and expires to you can use it during a time when you're able to! Some plans are expiration based like speciality classes. Other technique classes are billed mothly. Please check the plan details to see how the billing is set up for your plan. If you've simply forgotten you purchased your class, unfortunately, we do not offer refunds for this situation. We have no way to verify whether or not you actually did not login or logged in 100x and watched all classes. My best advice is to write down the start date of your plan and duration marked on each plan. This will allow you to plan our when you'll take the on demand classes and keep you on a good schedule for dance/exercise training!

How do I change the email address on my account?

While we cannot change your email that you login with, you can change the email you receive the alerts for your appointments and anything regarded to your account with. The email you registered with is your username permanently. If you registered with the wrong email, you will not receive a confirmation email or be able to progress further with any steps in setting up your membership. Please pay attention that your email is without typos upon opening your account. Please follow these steps and watch the video below: 1. Sign into your account 2. Click "My account" from upper right hand corner drop down options 3. Scroll down to email alerts option to change email you receive alerts at

When do the classes get uploaded to the on demand section?

Each week classes will be uploaded on Tuesday and Friday after the live class has been held. At times, processing speed can be slow on videos due to the large file size. But, at the end of the week videos should all be uploaded successfully unless technical error. Please email us if you don't see your upload by the end of the week.

Where are all the uploads?

Each semester is divided into a single channel on the class subject page. For example: beginner ballet has a spring 2021 semester uploaded and new uploads for summer 2021 will be uploaded after the live classes are held. Each week Tuesday/Friday videos will be uploaded to the class based on when your class was held live. For more information on upload schedule, check when your class is held live on the page

Live Classes

What ages can register for classes?

Anyone 18 and older. Though if you have a minor who would like to work privately with one of our lovely instructors we do offer private lessons to those under the age of 18. This includes the option that your student can even participate in feedback analysis or injury prevention sessions also. Parents must be present on Zoom for sessions with minors. Please fill out parent consent form and email it to before your scheduled visit.

Am I too old to start ballet now?

Adult ballet is becoming more and more popular not just as a form of exercise but, to just simply enjoy the art! Think of it this way, there are professional body builders and there are people who just go to the gym to be healthy and enjoy working out! That's the same for ballet! You can be a ballet dancer and pursue it professionally or you can pursue it as a hobby and dance ballet at home! There is NEVER an age where you become too old to start ballet for the first time!

Do live single class purchases include on demand recordings?

No, they do not. You're only paying for the single class live when you purchase this option. Unlimited on demand and live hybrid plan will include both! See plans here

I purchased live unlimited can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you can cancel this anytime you want with no penalty to you. Your billing will cease following cancellation and you will have the remainder of your month to use the membership as you please. No refunds or pro-rates are applied to this type of membership.

Do you have drop in classes?

No we do not in order to keep class sizes small and effective for paid members

Are cross-training Friday classes included in the unlimited membership?

No, the classes included in the live class unlimited membership will be placed on this page for you to view the schedule You can login to your classes through the membership login page on the homepage. (Pink button)

I purchased a live class but, I want on demand option too, what should I do?

If you have already purchased a live class and want the option to take the classes on demand you'll simply have to purchase a separate on demand package for that specific course. We no longer include on demand downloads in our packages and only allow 3-4 month access to on demand recordings through the plans. See all the plans to get on demand recordings here:

I purchased live but, I can't make some of the classes, can I have recordings?

Unfortunately, if you purchased live class this is specifically a live class only purchase. If you'd like to access the on demand classes you'll be able to purchase the on demand access for your course here: We no longer supply downloads or access to on demand classes without registration due to copyright purposes.

I missed a lot of live classes, can I be refunded or credited?

If you have multiple missed live classes due to medical or emergency situations such as family death, illness, loss of job, etc. Please contact us at We may ask for additional proof to verify your status but, will be helpful to give you future credit. If you have simply missed classes due to timezone, schedule, tiredness, lack of motivation- etc. you will not qualify for refunds/credits to your account. Live classes are knowingly purchased with the assumption the student will attend live weekly and understands that it is for that semester acccess not a per-class attendance rate.


Do I get a refund if I cancel my private lesson?

If you cancel your private lesson within the 24 hours before time window you will receive a credit for future use on any private lesson or group class! You must cancel by emailing to acknoledge credits and have them recorded your account. Please do not simply just hit the CANCEL button. This can be used toward credit on on demand, live, or even the cross-training platform too! When you need to redeem your credit, email

I only used my account half a month and then cancelled it, where's my refund?

Unforunately, we do not do pro-rated credits/refunds or bill you based on how much you use your on demand, live, or cross-training access. These plans are billed monthly in a cycle specific to you. If you cancel one of your plans, you'll have the rest of the month to use your access and then the account will close when your billing cycle ends.

I purchased a single class on demand and started the date for today but, I won't be able to start classses until next week. It says my class expires in 4 months! Help!

All classes on the on demand single class purchase will expire 3 to 4 months when the "semester" of classes is over. This allows the dancer to choose their start date when they want and begin access at that start date. At this time, when access is opened you'll have 3-4 months (based on the course) to complete a single semester of classes. If you accidentaly selected the wrong start date and immediately recognize this, please email us at and tell us when you actually want to start your package. If you've already had the package for a week and email us telling us you haven't used your access, we have no way of monitoring whether this is true or not. All packages will expire after 3 or 4 months from active start date of plan. Please be aware of when your start date is.

I have specific questions about live or on demand refunds

Please check the header "live" or "on demand" in this section of FAQ's for more guidance here.

Purchase cross-training platform but, didn't know what I was getting

"I was confused when purchasing cross-training platform and thought it was on demand classes." If you contact us within the week you have purchased the platform and just made an honest mistake, we'll switch your access to to the unlimited on demand option! However, you'll only be credited to the amount you paid for your cross-training platform access and will have to pay any additional fees to pay the appropriate amount for the correct services if there is a price difference. Please email for more assistance

Alignment Hacks

Learn alignment techniques to decrease risk of injury & excel your ballet technique.

Essential Stretches


Trying to get more range or just be less stiff and sore? Here's your ultimate guide for stretching! 

Meet other adult dancers & support each other in your journey to being a safer & stronger dancer!


Earn badges for completing challenges and meeting your goals. More badges you collect the more prizes you win!

Discounted Private Lessons

Technique Tips

Worldwide Access

All Premium Ballerinas get $30 private sessions with Veronica K herself as long as they are active members.

An entire section dedicated to break down of steps & ballet technique tutorials.

It does not matter what country you live in! As long as you have internet you can be a Premium Ballerina!