Cross-training is an ESSENTIAL part of growing your dance technique whether your a professional or recreational dancer. Our unique training platform is designed to promote improved ballet technique while preventing common injuries. All exercises are designed by Veronica K with influences from dance anatomy & physical therapy.

Weekly Ballet Classes

40-45 min weekly classes with focus areas in ballet technique Friday's 9am EST. Live classes will NOT be held while Veronica is on maternity leave.

Essential Ballet Exercises

Improve your extensions, turnout, feet, pirouettes, jumps, and port de bras with these exercises proven to improve your technique!

Injury Prevention & Recovery

Want to make your body hurt less during ballet class? Start working on injury prevention techniques to keep your career strong.

Mindset Work

Do you have anxiety?Meditations & mindset activities are to make sure your body & mind are both progressing toward best technique.

Alignment Hacks

Essential Stretches



Learn alignment techniques to decrease risk of injury & excel your ballet technique.

Beginner - Adv 

Trying to get more range or just be less stiff and sore? Here's your ultimate guide for stretching! 

Meet other Premium Ballerinas & support each other in your journey to being a safer & stronger dancer!

Discounted Private Lessons

Technique Feedback

Earn badges for completing challenges and meeting your goals. More badges you collect the more prizes you win!

Worldwide Access

Classes range from beginner to advanced level with even a section dedicated to beginner tutorials.

All Premium Ballerinas get $30 private sessions with Veronica K herself as long as they are active members.

Want to get feedback on how you are progressing? Easy! Veronica will help you through your progress.

It does not matter what country you live in! As long as you have internet you can be a Premium Ballerina!


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