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I'm a parent just like you...

I know you want the absolute best for your child. To have them enjoy their hobbies and passions without the physical toll it may take on them.

While some studios have become progressive & safe, it's evident others have struggled to catch up with best practices of dance medicine.

So, if you want...

  • To see your dancer progress without physical risks.

  • To see their minds open up with understanding ballet more.

  • Gain future opportunities for your child to progress beyond studio dancing.

  • A plan that creates balance between life and dance studies.

  • Support and encouragement from a coach who doesn't practice intimidation techniques.

Then, this platform is for you and your dancer!

kids cross-training for dancers

What will my dancer get from this training platform?

Simple Plans

Kids should be kids. I have created safe, time friendly plans with basic instructions for kids 5-9 to understand.


You'll start to see your dancer understand how to use their turnout, find proper posture, have endurance through class, and improve their mobility.

Safe & effective

My programs have been adjusted with parameters for children vs. adults. Cross-training young dancers is very different than older and requires specific attention from a professional.

So, what am I getting?

You're here because you want better for your child and I don't blame you.

What I will promise you:

  • 4 YEARS of access to the platform and all updates.

  • 1 private evaluation with your child (1 hr - $70 value).

  • A concrete plan to improve your dancer's technique.

  • Access to 6 installments of training plans for your dancer (more will be uploaded in the future).

  • Strength, mobility, and flexibility training age appropriate for 5 to 9 year olds.

  • A fun bonding activity if done with your child!

  • Injury rate reduction.

  • Improved understanding and confidence.

  • Positive reinforcement rewards charts to keep motivation high.

What I cannot promise you:

  • That your child will always love dance.

  • That your child with be professionally employed as a dancer in the future. 

  • That your child will always be injury free.

*Please note there are no refunds with memberships. 

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Once there are plans available for purchase, you'll see them here.

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