Private technique or cross-training sessions 

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Private Lessons with Veronica update 2/20: Anyone scheduling out private lessons up to Veronica's delivery date please read. Veronica will stop taking private lessons 4/14. In the event Veronica delivers her baby earlier than this and it conflicts with your scheduled appointment you will be eligible for one of two options: 1) Ms Jasmine will take your appointment 2) Credit to account for future use with Veronica* not eligible for plans, see below.

If you have a preference please email 

Cross-training + platform plans: these plans credits do not carry over to the next month. You will be fully available to schedule with Ms Jasmine. You must use credits within the current billed month. 

Thank you for understanding this is a unique scenario and not 100% foreseeable by anyone. Veronica will be taking privates up to April 14th and then monitoring symptoms. If able, Veronica will continue to take privates on an "as able" basis up to April 28th if the baby is on time with delivery.