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Private Lessons with Veronica update 2/20: Anyone scheduling out private lessons up to Veronica's delivery date this will apply to. In the event Veronica delivers her baby earlier than April 28th and it conflicts with your scheduled appointment you will be eligible for one of two options: 1) Reschedule with Ms Jasmine or if able, she'll take your appointment on scheduled date. 2) Eligible for future credit to use with Veronica. ​If you have a preference please email 

Thank you for understanding this is a unique scenario and not 100% foreseeable by anyone. Veronica will be taking privates up to April 14th and then monitoring symptoms. If able, Veronica will continue to take privates on an "as able" basis up to April 28th if the baby is on time with delivery.  

What will we do in our private lesson? 

Private lessons are designed individually to the dancer. We will come up with a list of goals that you are wanting to accomplish and design a ballet exercise program for you to reach them! You can choose from ballet, pointe, pre pointe, character jazz, or strength and conditioning sessions with Veronica. 


Each lesson is a combination between ballet technique class, correcting alignment, and ballet exercises. 

Is there a dress code? 

Leotard and biker shorts or tights is fine. Tight workout clothes such as tank tops and biker shorts are also acceptable. Try and avoid wearing black on your legs as it makes it difficult to see your alignment on the camera. 

Who can book a lesson? 

As long as you are 18+, you are able to book your own private ballet lesson with Veronica. All levels from beginner to professional dancers are eligible to train with Veronica. 

What if I'm a minor? 

Minors are allowed to train with Veronica K; however, parental screening and consultation are required before the lesson is performed. Parents may supervise training sessions from off-camera. Forms for parental consent at bottom of page.


How soon will I see results?

Some results with alignment and proper mechanics may come immediately with proper cueing and awareness. Others such as muscular endurance, strength, and balance can take up to 3 months to develop and reach your goal. As with anything, consistency and adhering to guidelines set by Veronica K is key. 

What if I have to cancel or I'm sick?

Please see policies and terms page at the bottom of each page. There's a specific section for attendance and credits.


Ms. Veronica will NOT be available to take private lessons, analysis, pointe exams, or live classes during her maternity leave which will last the duration from delivery date to hopefully June with no medical complications. Ms. Jasmine will be available for private lessons.

  • Are you ready for pointe? This evaluation will give you the clearance!

    1 hr

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  • Map out your goals & get feedback on how to progress your technique.

    20 min

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