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Live Zoom Training

Upcoming workshops & social media lives:


September 30, Sat 11:30am (Eastern timezone - USA) 

  • Focus cross-training on building strength in ankles & better balance

Scroll down to book your spot ($5 non member, free unlimited members)

Social lives:

  • Instagram Sat Sept 9,10:50am foot articulation 

  • TikTok Wed Sept 13, 2:30pm turnout mobility

Private training

What do we do in a private lesson?
In your first private lesson, Veronica will perform a ballet movement or dance movement analysis. This takes about 45 minutes. She will deep dive into your weak or at need areas and help guide you where to work in the platform or in your dance training. Please be dressed to move in sports or dance wear that you are able to see your entire body. Subsequent privates will go in-depth and continue your training to improve flexibility and strength in key areas. Dancers must be fully covered with no private parts showing. Any provocative or sexual wear will result in a cancelled lesson.

Private Lesson Check List!
1. I am dressed appropriately to move 

2. My camera is set up in a place where Veronica can fully see my body with appropriate lighting 

3. I have a chair or barre nearby if needed 

4. I have any exercise devices such as resistance bands, stability ball, or weights nearby if needed

5. I have a strong and working internet connection to my best ability 

6. I have no loud noises going on in the background such as multiple people or outdoor environment.

7. I have a safe surface to dance on such as wood, Marley, linoleum, or carpet that has been setup to be safe for dance.

8. I am not dancing around anything hazardous to my body or my health.

Zoom Protocol:
Your private lesson link will be automatically sent to you prior to your appointment start and also when you book. Please check your spam.

If you cannot find your link, please login to your account and click the tab with your account name in the right hand corner. You'll scroll down to Zoom links. 

Please have a strong internet connection and camera ready at least 5 minutes before lesson begins. Veronica will log in at appointment time. 

Late Policy:

If you are later than 15 minutes to your lesson, it will automatically be cancelled with no refunds. As Veronica has back to back clients, she cannot wait for you to login or extend your lesson past your reserved spot. 

Group class:

If no one has booked a spot for Saturday Zoom classes, the class will not be held. Spots are $1 regardless of member or non-member. Class is 45 min with a 10 min Q & A following. Classes are recorded but, you will never be in a recording. Classes are posted on the platform for members to view at a later date if wanted.  

Professionalism Policy please read:
As a professional dance educator and Certified Personal Trainer, I ensure you will be treated with respect, kindness, and the utmost professionalism. As a client, you are expected to do the same. If ay anytime I feel the boundary of professionalism has been crossed, I reserve the right to cancel your appointment without a refund. 

Maternity leave please read:

Veronica is currently pregnant and will be taking a maternity leave from teaching all live classes from June 2023 to September 2023. Veronica may return earlier but, is blocking out more time because of how difficult she recovered from first pregnancy. Please keep me in your thoughts for a safe & healthy delivery! I may start taking private lessons sooner but, again it's all going to be based on my recovery. Thank you! Each week the platform will continue to have new uploads during maternity leave that were pre-recorded. 

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