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Teacher's Guide to Exercise Glossary

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Empower your dancers with targeted exercises!

This guide equips dance teachers and personal trainers with the knowledge to select and identify the prime mover muscles behind specific ballet movements and progressive exercises related to each one.


What's Inside:

  • Muscle Activation Made Easy: Learn how to pinpoint the key muscles driving each ballet movement, ensuring efficient and effective training.
  • Strength Training for Ballet Excellence: Discover targeted exercises to strengthen the prime movers identified for each movement, optimizing dance performance.
  • Progression Pathways: Unlock a roadmap for progress with multiple levels of exercise progressions, catering to dancers of all abilities.


Please Note:

  • This guide provides a foundational framework. It's not intended to be exhaustive, but rather a springboard to identifying prime movers and crafting personalized training regimens.
  • Designed for dance instructors and personal trainers who work with ballet dancers of varying levels.


Invest in your dancers' strength and empower their journey to balletic brilliance!


This guide IS included with the Instructor Certification Program. 

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