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Hitting a wall with your extensions? As a Certified Myofascial Mobility Trainer and dancer myself, I see how fascial restrictions often hold dancers back. This workshop unlocks hidden tightness, boosting your range of motion and flexibility for effortless, sky-high extensions in ballet, jazz, or modern. Learn self-mobilization techniques you DO NOT learn in class, prevent injuries, and move with freedom!

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Keep recording forever to improve your extensions & mobility!

Normally $20/recording post-class sale

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I am Veronica K, a dedicated dance educator with a passion for revolutionizing ballet training. With multiple certifications and degrees, including Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Myofascial Mobility Coach, I am committed to excellence in dance and fitness. As a Core, Plyometric, & dance trainer since 2019, I am excited to enhance your ballet technique through my specialized Core Workshop. I can't wait to work with you and help you unlock your full potential!

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