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Cross-training for Ballet Starter Kit

Experience 5 complimentary classes led by me, Veronica from my exclusive class playlist – featuring turnout, extensions, core, and more. These sessions offer a unique preview into the essence of my comprehensive courses. Each class is a carefully curated excerpt from our diverse range of programs, giving you a taste of the remarkable journey ahead. To fully immerse yourself and achieve the complete benefits of these training programs, take the next step by enrolling in our full courses or accessing our Unlimited platform membership. Unlock the true potential of your ballet journey today by starting.

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Cross-training for Dancers Free Classes

Does this sound like you?

  • You want better technique but, not sure how to achieve progress.

  • You're given corrections without actually knowing how to fix them long term.

  • You don't understand proper activation of muscles with certain movements.

  • You feel pain beyond soreness after or during class.

  • You feel sluggish and weak during class.

  • You want more flexibility and better lines.

If even one of these is you, click below to learn more about my solution!

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