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Cross-training for dancers

A New Era for Your Ballet Technique: Amplify your strength, refine ballet technique, achieve flexibility & mobility, and perfect posture. Led by Veronica K, Certified Personal Trainer of Dance, P.T.A., former pro-dancer. 

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I have been in your shoes...

I was not a naturally talented dancer. In fact, I was pretty awful. Though I had passion, I lacked technique and often got injured. I never thought I would dance professionally & struggled with my self-esteem. Then, I discovered how beneficial strength training could be for my technique. I started to desire more knowledge & sought out anything I could learn to improve my ballet technique. I went from a massive transformation improving my ballet technique from age 14 to age 21 when I finally felt like I was a dancer.

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Featured plans

Other training options

At Veronica K Ballet, we offer customized dance cross training options that focus on preventing dance injuries while improving ballet technique. Work with Veronica live in a workshop, get a private coaching session, or take our step by step courses. Our courses and workshops emphasize ballet extensions, mobility, turnout, balance, turns, feet, posture, and more. Join us and take your dance skills to the next level!

After years of injuries...

When I worked with physical therapists I found it difficult to explain how I needed to progress. They often gave me exercises that had no relation to the ballet technique I struggled with.

So with my degree in dance, physical therapy, and Certification as a Personal Trainer, I decided to embark on helping dancers like me. My goal is to help you improve your dance technique through dance cross-training and help you prevent injuries. 

With my background in exercise science and dance, I will help you improve your ballet technique.

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