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Are you tired of...


Feeling restricted with movement in extensions?


Unsteady posture and core affecting your balance?


Lacking the strength to stay at peak performance?


Having your weaknesses in technique make you feel less than confident?


Being worried you might get injured in dance class?


Having soreness effect your recovery & consistency of training?

Time to start your journey of cross-training with the Veronica K Platform...

Choose a single course for 1 year access,

or click here for all courses in one package

Please note, there are no refunds or prorates for memberships.

  • Post partum dance exercises

    For dancers looking for a slow progression back to dance class with flexible routines for moms!
    • 6 Weeks of classes
    • Pelvic stability & posture awareness
    • Floor routines
    • Standing routines
    • Baby and me routine
    • Stretches
    • Educational materials & readings for post-partum
    • Flexible plan for being a mom
    • Unlimited access- one purchase, lifetime access!
  • 2 Day a week training plan

    Course of full body ballet cross training in a manageable 2 day/week plan
    Valid for one year
    • 2 days of recommended workouts per week
    • Classes in strength, mobility, & flexibility training
    • Improve extensions, turns, core, posture, feet -->
    • Turnout, lines, pointe work, arms, and jumps
    • 25 weeks of routines 2x a week
    • No refunds due to digital content
    • Access to 2 day a week training for 1 year
  • Warm-ups

    6 different warm-ups for dancers to perform before class or workouts
    Valid for 2 years
    • A quick playlist of warm ups for before your class!
    • Warm ups for specific areas such as splits, extensions, etc.
    • Valid access for 2 years from date of purchase, no refunds
  • Turns & balance course

    Improve your pirouettes & learn common errors
    Valid for one year
    • Basics of turns & technique
    • Vestibular exercise for improved balance
    • Improve proprioception of feet in space while turning
    • Turning combinations for drilling technique
    • Level of turning routines = basic
    • Level of neuromuscular balance exercises can be up to adv
    • This course addresses various levels of balance intervention
    • From beginner to adv levels
  • Turnout Course

    Access to turnout course only.
    Valid for one year
    • Turnout Strengthening
    • End range of motion assessment
    • Flexibility and mobility training
    • Stretches for improving range of motion
    • Using your true turnout and maximizing your technique
  • Flexibility & Splits

    Gain flexibility & even work up to front & middle splits
    Valid for one year
    • Work on your passive ROM with these deep stretches
    • Tips & techniques for improving front & middle splits
    • Appropriate for dancers 6+ years of age
    • This is for passive flexibility not active mobility
  • Extensions Course

    Improve height, flexibility, mobility & strength of legs
    Valid for one year
    • This course is for you if you want -
    • A higher arabesque, more control of legs, better lines --->
    • Improved turnout in extensions, better technique --->
    • Better front & a la secondé extensions.
    • Includes step by step videos 6 week plan
    • Mobility, strength, and flexibility trainings
    • 1 year access
  • Beginner Ballet for Adults

    Learn technique, strength, & flexibility for a beginner
    • Systematic beginner ballet course
    • For a beginner with ZERO knowledge of dance
    • Can be any age to take it but, designed for adult dancers
    • 1 year access, 1x payment
    • No refunds
  • Foot & Ankle Course

    Get better arches, less foot pain, & more articulation!
    Valid for one year
    • If you have flat feet, high arches, supinated feet, pronated
    • -->This is the course for you!
    • Decrease foot pain, strain, & irregular stress
    • Increase foot strength & articulation for better technique
    • Improve ankle stability & decrease risk of sprains/strains
    • Decrease risk of plantar fasciitis & tarsal tunnel syndrome
    • Improve strength for improved pointe work
    • Valid 1 year, no refunds
  • Port de bras & Arms

    Work on arm strength, mobility, & ballet arm positions
    • Learn the basic muscular activation patterns of ballet arms
    • Improve upper body alignment & freedom in movement
    • Strengthen without bulking the arms
    • Improve stabilization of thoracic (middle) spine
    • Alignment & postural awareness of upper body
    • Eliminate the noodle arms now!
  • Beginner Pointe

    To build strength, balance, & technique for beginner or returning to pointe dancers
    Valid for one year
    • 6 week progression for beginner pointe dancers
    • Work on barre & intro to center technique
    • For dancers with pointe clearance
    • Includes app & desktop version
    • 1 year access to plans
  • Snapping Hip for Dancer's

    Mobilize & strengthen your hips for snapping (dancer's hip relief).
    • 4 week progression of videos
    • Mobility & stretches
    • Strengthen key muscles affected in snapping hip
    • Educational articles
    • Motivational articles
    • One time purchase, lifetime access
  • Jumps & Power Playlist

    For dancers to improve the height, technique, and power of their jumps grand & petite allegro.
    • 3 FREE admission to Zoom workshops (Feb, March, April 2024)
    • Access to full jump training classes
    • Singular jump focused exercises
    • Articles for education on how to improve jumps
    • Great for dance educators to help their students
    • and for dancers to improve their jumps
    • 1x payment LIFETIME access to this course
    • No refunds, no exceptions
  • Core is More Dancer

    Ages 10+, updated 2024 course, see details below!
    Valid for one year
    • If you want to improve your posture
    • Your balance.
    • Your turns.
    • Your stability & safety.
    • This course is for you!
    • Updated 2024 core course with 6 weeks of new routines
    • Routines 20-25 min in length designed for busy dancers
    • Gain clarity on common mistakes with core
    • Access to old core course will also be included in purchase
    • 1 year access to both courses
    • No refunds due to digital download content
  • Instructor Version- Core is More

    For instructors to improve dancers ability to activate core
    • Learn exercises to assist in students' development of core
    • Improve skills on correcting dancers' core/posture/balance
    • Ebook for Anatomical education of core
    • 6 weeks of exercise progressions updated 2024
    • Printable tracking sheets for students
    • Bonus: advanced dancer progressions for core
    • Ebook on integrating cross-training with technique class
    • Quizzes for content retention
    • Teacher downloadable certificate upon completion
    • Led by me, Core Certified Personal Trainer through NFPT
    • Fit app & progress tracking for self
    • No refunds due to nature of downloadable content
    • 1x purchase, no renewal needed
    • Not included in Unlimited Platform
  • 3 Session Pack- Ballet Technique

    3 sessions of Ballet technique coaching, 45 min/lesson, work on ballet, pointe, or pre-pointe
    Valid for 3 months

    Want to take all the courses?

    Sign up for the Unlimited Package including: private training, live Zoom workshops, and all the courses!

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