Cross-training built for Dancers

The platform includes step-by-step dancer cross-training courses. Courses can be purchased individually or as part of unlimited month/year plans. Zoom classes are included in month/year plans.

The Veronica K Platform

Designed by Veronica

(Certified Personal Trainer of Dance)

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"Who joins the platform?"

Better lines, improved natural turnout, higher jumps, stronger turns, well placed arms, better arches, a stronger core, improved posture, higher extensions, and pain-free technique

"What's included in unlimited monthly/year membership?"

Step-by-step dance cross-training video courses

Weekly live classes that are uploaded to platform

Injury Prevention portal
for specific areas of the body

ALL dance training courses anytime 

Speed control on videos

Feedback support with coach Veronica

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"Can I buy just one course?"

Yes, we offer each course on the Veronica K Platform separately as an option for those looking for one specific training area. Read more details about all courses and pricing below!

Course Details & Descriptions

Learn common errors, techniques for turning, and 3 rotations breaking down specific areas to improve turns

Learn how to safely improve your hip range of motion and turnout in this step by step course.


Stumbling all over the floor? Can't stay in place at barre? This course will challenge your neuromuscular system to develop equilibrium. 

Injury Prevention Portal

Includes areas of the body such as hip, back, knee, ankle and helps you!

Trying to improve your feet & get rid of wobbly ankles?

Work on front and middle splits in our step by step guided course. No dangerous methods involved. This course is about safe splits!


You have abs but, a weak core? Sounds silly but, it happens. This course will teach you core strengthening to help your technique grow.

Exercises targeted at improving range & strength of extensions.


Do you feel like your arms look weak or like noodles in class? Lack of control? Here's the course for you!

Beginner Foundation Ballet Course

Learn the basics of ballet in 8 weeks. Exercises, technique, & stretche

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