Privacy Policy/Copyright/Billing Confidentiality: 

Your email address, password, bank information, and personal contact information is never shared or sold to any other website or company. Information submitted in this page is only used for contact and business with Veronica K Ballet. Your phone number or contact information will never be sold to telemarketers or any other companies. All billing and contact from this company will have the name Veronica K Ballet on it. If it appears you're being billed from Wix directly this is not a result of Veronica K Ballet and is separately a charge associated with the company Wix itself not my business or my programs. No charges will result from this company unless specified with Veronica K Ballet name on it and purchased by customer with the intent of customer themselves. 

Veronica K does not keep billing information and uses third party hosts such as Paypal and Stripe to bill so she will never see your personal financial information or have access to sharing it with any other person. Your information is protected through these financial institutions that she bills through. 

Content featured on Veronica K Ballet is protected by copyright and trademark laws by USPTO. Silhouette logo of Veronica herself is a registered trademark to Veronica K. 

No written content or images are allowed to be used or reproduced on another's site for any purpose personal or commercial related without the written permission from Veronica K herself. 

Violators will be prosecuted in the court of law if using media from Veronica K Ballet without permission. 

Absolutely no portion of any program may be re-sold or copied and solicited on another's platform. 

Photography copyrights to Liz Walker and editing to Veronica K.  

No information of clientele/dancers will be shared with any other individuals. All account information and medical conditions will be kept private between trainer and client. 

Veronica K will never share pictures of before and after progress unless explicitly stated by dancers/clients. No pictures or photos of minors will be used in commercial advertisements unless written and spoken consent is given by parental authorities.