Policies & Terms: UPDATED 02/25/2021

Live Group Technique Class Policies: (semester classes)

Group classes referred to in this section apply to the semester classes. If purchasing live classes at a single class rate, you understand that you're doing so for the entire semester. These classes are not pro-rated or refunded if you miss class. 

Refunds: If you decide this class is not right for you for whatever reason, you have 1 week following the first class to submit for Veronica K Ballet credit, no refunds. You can use credits toward another class, cross-training platform, monthly membership, but not private lessons or appointments. 

Placement: If you are unsure of your placement, you will be placed in the best class at a lower level at first. If after 3 classes, you feel the class is not challenging enough and the instructor agrees, you will be promoted to the next appropriate level. It is also easier to move someone up than drop someone down if the level is too challenging. Please email veronicakballetplatform@gmail.com 

Payment: Payment is due prior to session or semester beginning.

Lateness: Instructors will begin classes on time unless emergency or technical issue. We all know situations like the dog peeing on the carpet or the internet not working happens. If you come late to class, no need to apologize and make a big deal just dance when you can start! If you don't know the combination please wait until the next combination to start moving with us! There is no penalty for lateness, we just ask to be courteous of the classroom setting.

Cancelled Classes by instructor: If no students show up for a live session, instructor is entitled to give a shortened version of the lesson for recordings. If instructor is sick or has an emergency, class will be rescheduled for another day during the week if possible. Classes will always be rescheduled due to instructor cancels.If your instructor goes into labor, class will be cancelled and not rescheduled due to maternity leave.

On demand single class: Purchases made per single class are non-refundable but, credits may transfer to another class of choice if same or lesser value. 

Monthly Memberships live & on demand: Monthly memberships can be cancelled at anytime no penalty to the student. When your current month billing cycle is over, then your billing will stop. You'll have until the end of the current billing cycle after cancelling to enjoy your classes until it stops. 

Private Lesson Late Policy: UPDATES* 

If dancer is over 15 minutes late to session without giving instructor notice, your session will close out session and contact the dancer. Dancers will still be charged for visit with no credit for rescheduling in this scenario. Extreme circumstances will be accounted for on an individual basis. If dancer logs in a few minutes late, that is okay, but, please understand we have other students throughout the day and must end her lesson at your scheduled end time due to other clients being booked afterwards. If you know you'll be late email veronicakballetplatform@gmail.com

Ballet Movement Analysis Late Policy: NEW

If dancer is greater than 10 minutes late for appointment you will be required to reschedule. If this is your first lateness, then credit will be given for re-schedule, if multiple instances have already been attempted and student continues to be >10 minutes late for scheduled time, no refunds will be given. Veronica K will only re-schedule with credit 1 time. 

Private Lesson Age Policy NEW:

Veronica K Ballet specializes in working with adults but, will work train any student 15 years and older. Students under the age of 18 will be required to give parent contact information. This form is located at the footer of each page and can be filled out and emailed to Veronica. Veronica K will make confirmation phone calls if she suspects children of filling out their own forms. Parents of minors are more than welcome to watch in on Zoom sessions or speak with Veronica prior to ensure maximum comfort! 

Private Lesson Payment Policy:

All lessons must be paid in full at least 48 hours before the scheduled visit . Unpaid lessons will be cancelled. 

Private Lesson Cancellation/Sickness/Reschedule Policy: 

All cancellations/reschedules must be made 24 hours before scheduled appointments. If the re-schedule is due to an emergency/illness/traumatic injury and unable to give advance notice, Veronica will credit your account for a future session.

If cancellation is less than 24 hours in advance for non-emergency related issues, the client will be charged in full for the session without refund credits. If an injury has occurred less than 24 hours before the scheduled appointment, this also qualifies for future credit. However, if the injury was known greater than 24 hours before appointment client is required to inform Veronica K at that time. If client fails to inform Veronica of injury, this is a safety hazard to both them and Veronica. You are required to disclose all injuries and painful areas at all times. 

In order to cancel either email veronicakballetplatform@gmail.com or if you're a member go into your bookings area and request a cancellation. Credits will be available to your account to reschedule if canceled within 24 hours before appointment.


We do not refund for cancellations but, you'll always be eligible to use the credit toward future privates, platform credit, technique classes, or other services as long as cancelled 24 hours before your scheduled session.

Internet Policy:

If If a power outage or internet outage is incurred by instructor or the client, private lessons will be credited and rescheduled. No penalty.


If a client has unreliable internet and continuously is unable to connect frequently, a discussion will be required in order to continue with private lessons.


Group classes: All group classes will be held live unless instructor is unable to connect. In that event, VKB will reschedule class. 

Private Lesson Disclosure Policy:

Dancers are REQUIRED to disclose all current or pre-existing painful areas or injuries. Failing to disclose this information puts the dancer and teacher both at risk. You must describe this as specific as possible. If VKB is unaware of pre-existing injuries we are unable to modify your plan to suit your needs. VKB is not held responsible for failure to comply with said terms. If you are not cleared for exercise by a medical professional you cannot participate in this program or private lessons. 

Privacy Policy:

Information between VKB and dancer will always be confidential. No pictures or postings mentioning a dancer's name will be posted unless dancer has given said permission & adult consent. Students 18+ will only be posted on marketing. 


Premium Ballerina Zoom Group Class Policies:

Any dancer 15+ years old will be invited to participate in group classes with parental consent form. Keep in mind these classes can range from difficulty level and will be geared to the mass (not extremely hard or easy).


Dancers who participate in the Zoom class MUST have a camera on to ensure no trespassers join the session- you can turn it off after, but say hi first. Dancers are not to give friends/family links to class in order to ensure privacy and rules of the Premium Package. Dancers will be muted during the session; however if any dancer is to use profanity or do anything with vulgarity while in class she will immediately be kicked out of the session without a refund. 

Premium Class Exceptions: If no one enrolls for a weekly class, no class will be held/recorded. If the internet crashes or Zoom presents with difficulties logging in and members are enrolled for class, class will be recorded and uploaded to the platform for dancers to view at their own time. If instructor is sick, class will be cancelled that week. No classes on US holidays. 

Injury/Chronic Illness Policy: 
If a dancer becomes injured/chronically ill at any point and is unable to complete the year's subscription, she may provide documentation to Veronica K Ballet. This will be judged on a case to case basis and dancer will either be eligible for credit to her account for future use or refunded. 


Medical Disclaimer:

While Veronica K has a great deal of knowledge, including physical therapy. Services provided by Veronica K are not classified as medical advice. Veronica K may be able to assist in you in pain decreasing ballet techniques; however, to obtain a diagnosis of an injury or gain therapeutic intervention you must see a licensed physician. 

Termination Policy for full-year Premium Ballet Club Access:
If a dancer decides to terminate the subscription before the year is up for any other reason than chronic illness or injury, she is doing so with the understanding there will be no refunds or prorated credits. If you decide after 1 day this platform is not right for you, please contact veronicakballetplatform@gmail.com and we will credit your account for future use with technique classes.


Any cancels of memberships after will not receive credit or refunds as above stated. If you are unable to attend live Premium Class, you can playback class anytime at your leisure in the "class anytime" section. You are also allowed to send Veronica videos for technique feedback so you don't miss out on corrections in class! Good news, after one year we will NOT bill you. It is by your choice to sign up for the next year and continue your membership. 

Cancellation policy for monthly cross-training: 

We are sad to see you go but, Veronica K Ballet will do so without any fees or penalty! Your billing will stop after the current month concludes and you'll continue to have access up until billing stops. Please give 1-week notice if planning to cancel next month's subscription to avoid accidental billing. Veronica K Ballet will give 1 day grace period if you forget. You can cancel your monthly membership in the Wix App on your own in your account section. 

Conduct and behavior:

Any dancer who is using the services of Veronica K ballet must act in a manner that is both professional and positive. Veronica K will immediately terminate your program with no refund if any of the following behaviors occur:

1) Harassment of  instructors or live class participants 2) Asking for personal information from other live class participants 3) Swearing in group classes and making inappropriate comments

4) Making romantic gestures on any level to anyone including instructors 5) Sharing/resale of exclusive content in ballet platform with other dancers 6) Inviting multiple non-membership dancers into the same screen as you during a live class without permission 7) Racial slurs or comments of ANY kind that target and degrade groups or people 8) Nudity of any kind 9) Any violence or threats 10) Being intoxicated or under the influence during a session with VKB



Females: please wear hair in a bun or ponytail at all times to make sure it doesn't hit your face when working on turns. Leotard and tights are recommended but, tight tanks and biker shorts are also acceptable. Please make sure you do not have baggy clothing on or else it is hard for your teacher to properly give you feedback. No offensive tee shirts with profanity, offensive symbols, or disturbing. Ballet flats recommended.

Males: please wear athletic shorts with compression underneath to keep modesty when lifting legs high. Please wear tight fitting tee shirts, tanks, or compression tee shirts. No baggy or lose clothing. This is to properly give you feedback during class. Nothing that is considered revealing in nature. Dancer socks or male ballet shoes are acceptable. No tee shirts with graphics that may be considered offensive, disturbing, or profanity.

If you do not identify with either gender, please conform to the above parameters in what is comfortable and appropriate for you. We do not discriminate against anyone here! We want to make all feel welcome but, must keep a traditional professional manner with dress for all cultures and persons to feel accepted!

Privacy Policy/Copyright/Billing Confidentiality: 

Your email address, password, bank information, and personal contact information is never shared or sold to any other website or company. Information submitted in this page is only used for contact and business with Veronica K Ballet. Your phone number or contact information will never be sold to telemarketers or any other companies. All billing and contact from this company will have the name Veronica K Ballet on it. If it appears you're being billed from Wix directly this is not a result of Veronica K Ballet and is separately a charge associated with the company Wix itself. No charges will result from this company unless specified with Veronica K Ballet name on it and purchased by customer with the intent of customer themselves. 

Veronica K does not keep billing information and uses third party hosts such as Paypal and Stripe to bill so she will never see your personal financial information or have access to sharing it with any other person. Your information is protected through these financial institutions that she bills through. 

Content featured on Veronica K Ballet is protected by copyright and trademark laws by USPTO. Silhouette logo of Veronica herself is a registered trademark to Veronica K. 

No written content or images are allowed to be used or reproduced on another's site for any purpose personal or commercial related without the written permission from Veronica K herself. 

Violators will be prosecuted in the court of law if using media from Veronica K Ballet without permission. 

Absolutely no portion of any program may be re-sold or copied and solicited on another's platform. 

Photography copyrights to Liz Walker and editing to Veronica K.  

No information of clientele/dancers will be shared with any other individuals. All account information and medical conditions will be kept private between trainer and client. 

Veronica K will never share pictures of before and after progress unless explicitly stated by dancers/clients. No pictures or photos of minors will be used in commercial advertisements unless written and spoken consent is given by parental authorities. 


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