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Trouble loading videos? Watch this video for tips!

Maternity leave 2023:

Veronica will be taking a maternity leave from teaching live classes from mid June 2023 to mid Aug 2023. This is approximate and may be shorter/longer based on her recovery. Private lessons may return before group classes on a case by case basis but, again this is going to be based on her recovery and availability post-partum. Classes will return! Do not fret. 

Weekly uploads will continue to happen on the platform each week during maternity leave as Veronica is pre-recording materials to keep fresh on the platform when she is not teaching live. 

Please keep me in your thoughts for a speed and healthy birth/delivery! 

What do we do in a private lesson?

In your first private lesson, Veronica will perform a ballet movement or dance movement analysis. This takes about 45 minutes. She will deep dive into your weak or at need areas and help guide you where to work in the platform or in your dance training. Please be dressed to move in sports or dance wear that you are able to see your entire body. Dancers must be fully covered with no private parts showing. Any provocative or sexual wear will result in a cancelled lesson.

I signed up & paid full price but, then you had a sale...

At the time of sign up, you are agreeing to pay that price stated on the package. Monthly memberships may be cancelled & re-opened at a sale price but, not refunded for the period they were not enrolled during a promotional period. 

Year members are agreeing to pay the full retail value of the price if purchased outside a promotional period. Members cannot get refunded for the difference if they join before/after a sale ends. In order to take advantage of sale prices, you must join during that promotional period. You may post-date the start of your account and pay at time of sale to take advantage of sale price. For example; you buy at Black Friday but, you don't want your year membership to start until Jan 1. Your membership will then not begin until Jan 1st with that selection on your plan start date. 

Private Lesson Checklist:

1. I am dressed appropriately to move 

2. My camera is set up in a place where Veronica can fully see my body with appropriate lighting 

3. I have a chair or barre nearby if needed 

4. I have any exercise devices such as resistance bands, stability ball, or weights nearby if needed

5. I have a strong and working internet connection to my best ability 

6. I have no loud noises going on in the background such as multiple people or outdoor environment.

7. I have a safe surface to dance on such as wood, Marley, linoleum, or carpet that has been setup to be safe for dance.

8. I am not dancing around anything hazardous to my body or my health.

Platform isn't loading or loading slow help:

If the platform isn't loading or videos are acting up please follow these steps:

1. Log out 

2. Delete all browsing cookies 

3. Check internet connection is strong

-Then log back in 

4. Try another device if above fail to help 


-Firefox has been reported to work slowly with platform. Chrome, Edge, & Safari work better. 

-Make sure all other apps on device are closed and you're not streaming multiple videos at once 

-Make sure other users of internet in the house are not streaming, downloading, or playing video games that pull high capacity of internet 

-Reset your modem and router 

-Call internet provider and see if you've met your monthly data usage cap and they're slowing speeds down 

Or submit email Veronica  here: 

Please note that your personal device or internet connection may be impeding the speed or performance of the website. Please also note that Veronica alone works on this site and will get to your request as soon as possible. She has no employees so please be patient.

I forgot my password:

Please click the "reset password" or "forgot password" button next to login. Veronica does not store your passwords and cannot give you a password if you forgot it. Make sure to double check the email you registered with is the same one you are logging in with. I can't tell you how many times I have entered the wrong email on accident somewhere! lol.

Unenrolling in course vs. cancelling membership

If you're using the Fit App and click "unenroll in course" this does NOT cancel your membership. What this does is stop tracking progress in the course and removes you as a participant. It will NOT stop billing. 

If you wish to cancel your membership, you may do so at anytime hassle free by clicking here.

*NOTE: your billing cycle will allow you to have access until the end of cycle. Cancels mid/beginning of cycle do not result in a refund. This is the same as Netflix, Hulu, or any common streaming services. 

How do I become a member?

Please go to the page HERE and you will see the year and monthly membership options! Live weekly classes is included in all memberships.

How do I cancel my membership?