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Dancer cross-training guide:

"What should I work on?" A common question that comes into my inbox at least a few times a week.

Dancers reaching out to me asking what they should work on, how often, and if I can give them some sort of scheduled plan to follow.

Because of this, I have designed a customized 2 day a week training experience for dancers who need this guidance.

My 2 day cross-training program schedule will cover different areas of the body each week like turnout, foot and ankle, extensions, turns, and more! It goes deeper than just broad topics and will actually break down muscle groups & technique areas in a manageable way to not overtrain dancers.

One of the hardest things for me when I was training pre-pro and professionally was finding time to work on things outside of the classroom. I often became overwhelmed by the aspect of having no time, plan, or knowing what to do in what order.

This why I have created this 2 day a week program. Most sessions will last 30-45 minutes at most and helps dancers understand what areas of the body to train while letting others rest.

2 days of cross-training per week can vastly improve a dancer's technique but, also decrease their risk of overuse or compensatory injuries.

So, if you're looking for improvement and a plan with your dancer cross-training program, learn more about my membership options!

Year and monthly membership options include the 2 day program but, other packages do not.

Email for questions

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