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I used to HATE pirouettes... 

Until I was about 25, I was legitimately terrified of pirouettes. I put on a brave face in class but, I absolutely hated myself every time I went for a turn.

I fell out. Had so much anxiety. Shoulders elevated and got cued to "Just relax," but, that wasn't the solution.

The real problem surrounded HOW I was training my turns. I just kept practicing passé balances and drilled pirouettes.

It seemed like the right answer but, it was not.

Let's talk about you...

Are you a dancer yearning to conquer those multiple pirouettes? Maybe even a clean single?


Do you dream of executing smooth, controlled turns that leave the audience breathless? You're not alone.


Many dancers hit a wall when it comes to progressing their single pirouettes, feeling stuck and frustrated.

But what if you could unlock your full turning potential?

This is where "Turns 2.0" comes in. This course, designed by a Physical Therapist Assistant and Certified Personal Trainer, is your personalized roadmap to mastering those coveted multiple pirouettes and beyond!

Here's the frustrating truth: Practicing pirouettes over & over won't fix you!

A weak core stability, improper alignment, and balance issues could all be sabotaging your turns.

You might be experiencing:

  • Dizziness or spotting struggles: Our vestibular exercises will improve your eye tracking, eliminating that dizzying feeling and keeping your focus sharp.

  • Sticking on single pirouettes: Say goodbye to frustration! We'll target core weakness and alignment issues, giving you the foundation for powerful, controlled turns.

  • Feeling unbalanced: Wobbly turns happen. "Turns 2.0" will hone your balance and stability, allowing you to confidently attack those multiple pirouettes.

This course is more than just steps. It's about understanding the biomechanics behind flawless turns.

You'll learn:

  • Safe and effective exercises designed by a Physical Therapist Assistant to strengthen your core, improve alignment, and enhance balance.

  • Advanced spotting techniques to conquer dizziness and maintain perfect control throughout your turns.

  • Posture & alignment techniques.

Imagine the feeling: The exhilarating rush of nailing a double pirouette. The audience erupting in applause as you execute a picture-perfect turn sequence. "Turns 2.0" may make that dream a reality.

Image by David Hofmann

"The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be." - Ralph Waldo Emerson 

6 weeks of progressive routines

App progress tracking

Routines 30 min or less

Safe sustainable training

All styles of dance

Option below for beginners- Turns 2.0 for intermediate to advanced.

Choose between Turns 2.0 or beginner turns course

  • Turns 2.0- The VK Method™

    Work toward multiples, improve visual tracking, & posture to progress pirouettes.
    Valid for one year
    • Core Strength: Master stability for alignment during turns.
    • Get better fouettés, multiple turns, & high level turns!
    • Lower Leg Strength: A strong base is key!
    • Vestibular Training: For better spotting & visual tracking.
    • Quick routines 30 min or less!
    • 6 Weeks of progressed follow along routines
    • Perfect for the intermediate dancer of ages 12+
    • Included in Unlimited Year
  • Beginner Turns & Balance

    Master single pirouettes with targeted exercises & balance techniques.
    Valid for one year
    • Basics of turns & technique
    • Vestibular exercise for improved balance
    • Improve proprioception of feet in space while turning
    • Turning combinations for drilling technique
    • Level of turning routines = basic
    • Level of neuromuscular balance exercises can be up to adv
    • This course addresses various levels of balance intervention
    • From beginner to adv levels
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