Improve your ballet technique with cross-training!

Veronica K Ballet offers dancer cross-training & strengthening courses for technique progress & injury reduction.

Ages 15+

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Do you want to improve your ballet technique? Are you running out of energy in class and tend to get overuse injuries? 


The Veronica K Platform offers dancer cross-training courses to enhance your performance of dance technique and reduce risk of dance injuries. 

With step by step dancer exercise courses built by Certified Personal Trainer, Veronica you can improve your technique the safest way.

These courses will help you:

1) Learn safe ballet technique or re-train your technique

2) Cross-train efficiently to increase dance technique

3) Injury reduction techniques to help reduce dance injuries

4) Strengthen ballet dancer technique for long term success

5) Improve range of motion and ballet flexibility

Who can join the platform?

Veronica advises dancers 15 and older to join the platform. The beginner ballet course is a break down of ballet steps for adult ballet beginners to learn ballet. Veronica classifies an adult beginner any dancer 15+ who is learning ballet for the first time!

The platform itself offers pre-recorded ballet classes, live group online ballet classes, and step by step dancer cross-training courses. All are taught by Veronica K herself. Learn more about memberships here!


To become a member and gain full access click here. Weekly Veronica holds live dance classes online and members always may attend these for free on Zoom. See schedule here. Veronica also gives private dance instruction but, at this time has a waitlist for new clientele. 


Meet Veronica

Certified Dance Personal Trainer & Former Pro Dancer

Veronica K offers dancer cross-training and technique strengthening. Veronica is a member of NFPT for personal trainer and IADMS for dance medicine. 

She comes from a background of Cecchetti ballet but, teacher a hybrid of American/Cecchetti mix alongside her cross-training techniques from personal training.



Veronica is an AMAZING teacher! I restarted ballet last year and it has been a long search to find a good teacher, learning about my body etc. I found everything I needed with Veronica’s platform. I have learned so much about my body, how to improve and how to prevent injuries. She is patient, always ready to help and just super fun to learn from. My absolute favorites are her splits and core course. I had been struggling with my last centimeters on my splits so I was super excited when she released the splits course. I can fully sit down now after a week of stretching! And that’s not even the most important part. My body feels great after stretching!! Stretching always used to hurt and I didn’t improve flexibility, but her stretching classes and splits course have improved my flexibility and tightness in the hips for example so much without any pain! On top of that I feel much stronger and healthier. Veronica’s platform is just incredible and she really listens to you and helps where needed. I can list many more great things about her and her platform, but I don’t want to write a whole essay here so in conclusion: 11/10 can recommend, worth every penny!!

Veronica has helped me tremendously. Her program and teaching is amazing! She is very patient and attentive to her students. Veronica also has a background in physical therapy which makes her the perfect ballet instructor and coach. She cheers me on throughout all our sessions and I can’t stress enough how positive she is. Before I met her I didn’t think I could become an adult ballet dancer, but with hard work and an amazing dance teacher anything is possible. My arches are stronger and I’ve become more confident too. Thank you Veronica!

Easy enough to check all the "likes" for Veronica. As my coach, she provides expertise in the exact areas I am trying to develop. Her quality of instruction is top-notch and has led me to huge improvements in my technique. Veronica is accessible and open to questions at any time. Her monthly platform fee is very economical, making it just the right fit for my limited budget. I can't say enough about her! She is my superhero!!!



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