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Cross-training for dancers

Welcome to Veronica K Cross-training for Dancers where I will help you improve your ballet technique. With my guidance, courses, and expertise, you'll be able to take your dancing to the next level.

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Training options

At Veronica K Ballet, we offer customized dance cross training options that focus on preventing dance injuries while improving ballet technique. Work with Veronica live in a workshop, get a private coaching session, or take our step by step courses. Our courses and workshops emphasize ballet extensions, mobility, turnout, balance, turns, feet, posture, and more. Join us and take your dance skills to the next level!

I'm Veronica K

your dance personal trainer!

When I performed professionally, I got injured a lot. I found it difficult to work with traditional PT's because they didn't understand what I needed to return to ballet.

With my degree in dance, physical therapy, and Certification as a Personal Trainer, I decided to embark on helping dancers like me. My goal is to help you improve your dance technique through dance cross-training and help you prevent injuries. 

With all my background in exercise science and dance, I have created this platform to help you.

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