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Dance cross-training & fitness 

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Step by step dance cross-training courses, dance fitness for anyone,

and injury prevention for dancers.

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What is dance cross-training?

Cross-training for dancers is strengthening & mobilizing key muscles to improve ballet class experience. Not only will cross-training improve the overall quality of your dance training but, it will decrease risk of injury.

Who joins the platform?

  • Anyone 11+ who wants to see technique growth 

  • Dancers who wish to maximize safe natural turnout 

  • Improve your balance or turning ability 

  • Improve mobility & flexibility

  • Correcting posture & core strength 

  • Holding port de bras with your back

  • Decrease risk of overuse injuries in dance

  • Feeling low on energy in dance class 

  • Having low understanding of how to correct teachers corrections 

  • Muscle imbalances

  • Inflexibility and range of motion difficulty 

Not sure if you need dancer cross-training? Click here to take our FREE dancer cross-training evaluation quiz!

Veronica K Platform also offers Dance Fitness for anyone! This is a guided 6 week exercise program for dancers wanting general fitness or even non-dancers.

"Is this just a library of exercises or courses?"

The VK Platform is laid out into step by step courses. With our 12 month plan, you'll see different focus areas and suggested timeline of training. With monthly, you're free to pick and choose which courses you participate in for dance cross-training. 

"What courses are offered for dance cross-training?"

  • Turnout 

  • Extensions

  • Posture/core

  • Flexibility & splits 

  • Foot & ankle 

  • Turns

  • Balance

  • Arms & port de bras 

  • Coming Jan 1st: jumps & leaps 

Other courses on the platform include:

  • Nov 1st: beginner pointe work 

  • Dance fitness for anyone 

  • Beginner & intermediate ballet technique 

  • Injury prevention portal 

"Is cross-training harmful to younger dancers?

No, in fact studies show that an early introduction to strength and mobility drills for dancers will actually decrease their likelihood of overuse injuries. Strength training at a young age will also help improve balance, coordination, agility, and ability to progress. If you have any concerns about your young dancer, please feel free to join in a private lesson and ask any questions to Veronica. 


To become a member and gain full access click here. Veronica also holds IG live trainings & has Q & A sessions for feedback on instagram subscriptions. Click here to access her IG. 


Veronica K,

Certified Dance Personal Trainer

Former Pro Dancer & Physical therapist asst 

Veronica is dedicated to improving young & adult dancer's technique through dancer cross-training. She uses strength & mobility techniques learned as a physical therapist asst to personalize exercises and programs for dancer's growth. She strongly believes that dance cross-training is what saved her body from many injuries & brought her back to dance after going through traumas in her own life. 



Veronica K and I have worked together for just over a year now and I have had the best experience with my classes and personal training! She got me interested in the Adult Ballet and I LOVE IT! My schedule doesn't work with the class times, but I always have access to the videos later on! I love it. I don't have to be on the same schedule as anyone when working with Veronica. She's always been very communicative and responsive to me as well! It's been the best experience of 2020!!!! I look forward to knowing her and working with Veronica K for years to come!

Veronica is awesome! Her ballet experience and her background in Physical Therapy make her the perfect trainer for ballerinas and non-ballerinas! I really appreciate learning from someone who keep safety and injury presentation top of mind. Her online classes, exercises, and tips are teaching me a brand new way to dance. Veronica has been very accessible and is always easy to get a hold of. She truly cares about her dancers. I really look forward to improving and transforming my dancing as I move through her program!

Easy enough to check all the "likes" for Veronica. As my coach, she provides expertise in the exact areas I am trying to develop. Her quality of instruction is top-notch and has led me to huge improvements in my technique. Veronica is accessible and open to questions at any time. Her monthly platform fee is very economical, making it just the right fit for my limited budget. I can't say enough about her! She is my superhero!!!



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