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Private Lessons with Veronica: Due to Veronica's impending pregnancy delivery, all private lessons scheduled near her due date may be transferred to Ms. Jasmine or credits will be placed on account for future use if she delivers early. Since Veronica is unable to determine if she'll deliver early, please understand this when scheduling. If you have a preference credit vs. having Ms. Jasmine please email

Veronica K will be taking a maternity leave from the date of delivery of her son to 1st week in June (medically pending). ​

New Classes, Summer Sessions:  Registration begins in March! We will be hosting a variety of new classes and new packaging options for our dance studio tuition including unlimited live classes & unlimited on demand options! For questions about enrollment please email: 

About our Online Dance Studio:

Veronica K Ballet offers classes exclusively to 18+ adult ballet dancers. Our school's mission is to teach dance to anyone wanting to learn! Our methodology is safe, fun, dancing that will not injure the adult body. With methods based in exercise science & dance techniques, we train dancers to be have safe, strong, fantastic technique without old school methods that have been proven to lead to injuries and short dance careers! We mean it when we say you're going to be a safer stronger dancer after adhering to our programs. 

Membership Options:

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Join one of our small & interactive classes & learn dance on Zoom live! Monthly & by class options!

Cross-training exercises & injury prevention techniques. Includes weekly live class.

Purchase on-demand class packages if you cannot make the live classes & learn at your own pace! 

Learn exactly how to improve aspects of your dance technique through a deep feedback analysis. 

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Why train with 






Is this program for me? I'm not a "dancer."

We accept adults of all ages and backgrounds to our programs. Does not matter if you never have danced in your life or you've been dancing for years!

We offer ballet training from beginner to advanced adult dancers, pointe training, contemporary ballet, yoga, pilates, and cross-training fitness. Our Premium Platform is a mixture of resources & disciplines for optimal ballet cross-training. 


Veronica's ballet programs are designed with the research from physical therapy, sports medicine, and anatomical sciences to promote healthy growth in ballet technique that is sustainable throughout life.  All instructors uphold this standard and are dedicated to life long learning to help the human body.


We will work with you on demand, privately in live sessions, group sessions, or by email. Our communication is always open with our dancers!

Even if you're goal is to train to become a professional ballet dancer whether it is classical or contemporary, this program can help you reach your goals! 

Am I too old to start ballet?

If you want to become a ballet dancer. YOU CAN. It does not matter how old you are when you enter the dance world. All that matters is that you enjoy it and WANT to start training in ballet. Veronica has worked with dancers who begin when they're 18 years old and trained hard enough to graduate into professional dance companies. She has also trained dancers who begin in their 30's or 50's and go on to perform in their own capacity! If you're still unsure if ballet is right for you, sign up to try one of our live trial classes for 1 free class! 

I'm worried I won't get enough progress from Zoom classes

While a legitimate concern, not all online programs are run the same, just like all studios are not run the same! Veronica K takes an interactive approach to teaching her group & private dance classes. She encourages dancers with a variety of feedback and uses images to supplement when students are unsure of body activation areas. 

Even though Zoom classes can sometimes just end up with a teacher "dancing at you" these classes are not that. These classes are for Veronica's students to grow and receive analysis, not watch her perform the class. 

Sometimes Zoom can be more beneficial than in person by being able to playback to students their errors and help them become more self-aware of their ballet technique. Veronica also has strict policies as to etiquette and behavior in the online class room and must be upheld by all students. (See link policies)




Veronica is awesome! Her ballet experience and her background in Physical Therapy make her the perfect trainer for ballerinas and non-ballerinas! I really appreciate learning from someone who keep safety and injury presentation top of mind. Her online classes, exercises, and tips are teaching me a brand new way to dance. Veronica has been very accessible and is always easy to get a hold of. She truly cares about her dancers. I really look forward to improving and transforming my dancing as I move through her program!

Veronica is amazing! We started working together after I had a hip injury and she really helped me get back to where I was prior to the injury, and even better! She is patient, kind, and great at explaining concepts and movements and what proper set of muscles to activate. My strength, flexibility, technique, and confidence have all greatly improved while working with Veronica!

I have been a premium ballerina on Veronica's platform for a while now and can highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their technique in a safe and healthy way. She has so many excercices on her platform to improve and I am very much enjoying her 30 day challenges! Also Veronica did a full movement analysis before we started which helped me a lot to understand even better where to improve and how to do that. Veronica is a very kind teacher and it is so nice to work with her. Go find out yourself! :)





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More FAQ'S for New Members!

Premium Platform Questions

If I miss a group class and I'm a Premium Member, how can I see it?

In the Premium Platform, all weekly Zoom classes are uploaded to the "On Demand" ballet class section. This way, if you live in a different timezone or cannot make it to class that day, then you can watch and participate on your own time!

What level of ballet dancer is the Premium Platform for?

ALL! Veronica K has broken down specific sections to accomodate dancers of all levels. The platform has specific sections for the beginning dancer to break down steps that you may not have even heard of yet! The ballet exercises are essential for dancers of all levels and will be helpful for beginner ballet dancers as well as advanced ballet dancers looking to progress to the next level.

Do I get free private lessons with the Premium Platform?

You can EARN THEM! In the Premium Platform, there are challenges that you must sign up for and complete. After completing a challenge, you earn a badge! Once you earn a certain number of badges, you can earn a private lesson as well as some other really cool prizes. If you decide to not participate in the challages but, want private lessons, Premium Ballerinas get discounted privates anytime for $30 per session.

If I enroll in the Platform, does it automatically renew after one year?

The only membership that automatically renews is the monthly membership. If you wish to cancel your monthly, please go onto your Wix app and see account details and cancel your plan. If you have trouble finding it, please email 1 week before your billing cycle ends to ensure your account does not get charged for the next month. Premium Plus memberships are committed to a 3 month contract before closing the account. Premium yearly memberships: no refunds or credits are given unless you decide after 1 day the platform is not for you. The membership will not be auto renewed after 1 year.

I always forget to come to live class, can I get a refund for my Premium Membership?

No, there's no refunds for not attending class or for 1 year memberships since class can always be accessed on the platform and you still have the capability to receive feedback from Veronica anytime on the platform by submitting videos!

I forgot my password, can you give it to me?

No, Veronica K Ballet has no access to your personal information such as your password, bank account, or credit card numbers. These are all considered protected information and the dancer's responsibiltiy to remember in order to login to the platform. You can always use the password reset button. If you have further problems with resetting your password please email with screen shots of the issues you're experiencing and they will be able to help you further with this issue.

General Questions

Why do I need a ballet cross training program?

Ballet dancers need both strength and length in their muscles multiple ranges of movement patterns. In order for those muscles to not over or under develop in a certain pattern of movement, it is ESSENTIAL to cross train for the most optinal dance performance. Even if you are not planning to become a professional dancer, cross training is important to prevent injuries and keep your body from aches and pains after dance class! Cross training with the proper ballet exercises essential because you do not want to train in patterns that DO NOT functionally transfer to dance. Simply going to the gym and using a few machines may not cut it when we're talking about ballet. Ballet is a specific athletic and art form that requires different muscle fibers and patterns of movement than typical gym routines include. This is why you need to join a plan that is specific and functional to your ballet progress and training.

Can I take group class without being a premium member?

No, Premium classes are now restricted to members only due to keeping a small class size and efficient environment for corrections. This enables the teacher to be specific and interactive with each student for maximum benefit! To join and become a Member please visit

What ages can register for the platform?

Anyone 18 and older. Though if you have a minor who would like to work privately with one of our lovely instructors we do offer private lessons to those under the age of 18. This includes the option that your student can even participate in feedback analysis or injury prevention sessions also. Parents must be present on Zoom for sessions with minors. Please fill out parent consent form and email it to before your scheduled visit.

Am I too old to start ballet now?

Adult ballet is becoming more and more popular not just as a form of exercise but, to just simply enjoy the art! Think of it this way, there are professional body builders and there are people who just go to the gym to be healthy and enjoy working out! That's the same for ballet! You can be a ballet dancer and pursue it professionally or you can pursue it as a hobby and dance ballet at home! There is NEVER an age where you become too old to start ballet for the first time!

I have medical issues, can I start this ballet program?

If you have any medical issues that impair your ability to physically move or cause you chronic pain, you must provide Veronica K Ballet documentation from a licensed physician stating you are clear to dance or perform ballet exercises prior to admission to program. This is for your own safety and the safety of your trainer, Veronica K.

How much space do I need for this program?

Veronica K accommodates for small areas. All exercises can easily be performed from the comfort of your home or studio if you desire. She does however recommend if you're on carpet, get a dance board of some sort. This not only makes it easier to have good ballet technique but, ensures you don't increase your risk of rolling your ankle on carpet.

Do I need to buy a ton of equipment?

Nope! A simple set of resistance bands can go a long way! And if you don't have a barre, don't worry, a chair or counter will do just fine!

I want to be a Premium member but, I can't attend weekly class

Good news! Classes are posted after held on the platform for you to playback anytime you wish! You can even send Veronica videos of yourself taking class and then she'll send you an entire document back with corrections and suggestions on which stretches or exercises you can perform to make you a better dancer!

What is in the Platform?

It is a library of cross training exercises specific to ballet training and conditioning. These pre-recorded exercises and stretches are led by Veronica K. These exercises and stretches have been researched and supported by evidence to improve ballet technique while decreasing chance of injury. The platform also includes a section dedicated to short 40-45 minute classes to improve specific areas of ballet technique. You can take these classes live or you can playback class when convenient to you. The platform also includes sections for working on pointe technique, alignment, stretching, and more!

Private Lessons

How old do I have to be to take your private lessons?

Veronica K will give private online ballet lessons to anyone of 15 years of age and older with appropriate parental permission.

Do you give in person private lessons?

Yes! Please visit in order to inquire about an in person private ballet lesson with Veronica K. Only available in Akron, Ohio.

What do I need for a private session?

Leotard, tights or biker shorts, and resistance bands are the recommended items for your private lessons!

What if I'm late to my private because my internet won't connect?

Please message Veronica immediately if you are having trouble connecting. If you are more than 15 minutes late, we'll have to reschedule the appointment due to others following and you will not receive your full class.


Where are you located?

Veronica K Ballet is owned and operated out of Wadsworth, Ohio and business is conducted out of Veronica's very own private office.

Do you have a studio I can dance at?

No, Veronica K Ballet does not have her own physical studio: however, Veronica K teaches group ballet classes for children and teens at Creative Motion Studios in Akron, Ohio. See more information on how to enroll to take a class in person with Veronica at








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