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Cross-training for dancers

Improve your ballet technique.
Reduce dance injuries.
Courses to improve dance 
Love ballet more.
Ages 11+


Training options

Veronica K Platform offers dance cross training courses for all dancers ages 11 and older. All levels may benefit from dance cross-training courses in app/desktop or private ballet coaching. Prevention of dance injuries is emphasized while focusing on improvement of ballet technique. Training options focus on improving ballet extensions, mobility, ballet turnout, balance & turns, ballet feet, posture, and more. See below for more info! 

I'm Veronica K

your dance personal trainer!

When I performed professionally, I got injured a lot. I found it difficult to work with traditional PT's because they didn't understand what I needed to return to ballet.

With my degree in dance, physical therapy, and Certification as a Personal Trainer, I decided to embark on helping dancers like me. My goal is to help you improve your dance technique through dance cross-training and help you prevent injuries. 

With all my background in exercise science and dance, I have created this platform to help you.