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Do you find yourself...

  • Struggling to "Activate your core," or stay "Pulled up," in class?

  • Feeling heavy in your jumps?

  • Feeling like you have bad posture?

  • Lacking balance & coordination?

Well, you're not alone.


I used to feel these things too until I learned abdominal training isn't core training.

High Plank

I used to think doing planks was the answer...

Forget the usual "Pull up in your core" or "Suck in" advice – it's time for a more effective approach. Planks won't cut it either. Get ready to ditch the mundane core training

I have your solution.

Quick easy routines 20 min or less

Tailored to seamlessly fit into your schedule, these exercises are concise, straightforward, and won't encroach on your precious free time. Strengthen your core on your terms, with flexibility that complements your demanding dance schedule.

Certified Core Trainer Approach

If you've experimented with other programs or felt hesitant about hiring a personal trainer, rest assured—my core course stands out from the rest. Unlike your typical personal trainer, I bring a unique blend of qualifications to the table. Not only am I certified in core training, but I also hold a license as a physical therapist assistant and have a professional dance background. Elevate your fitness journey with a program that combines expertise, practical knowledge, and a deep understanding of the demands of professional dance.

Beyond flexion & extension exercises

Dynamic exercises that encompass the entire core, moving beyond the abdominals. Tailored for dancers, these routines prioritize functional planes of motion, steering away from solely sagittal plane exercises. Engage your core strength in a dancer-centric approach.

All styles. Not just ballet.

This course provides ballet as a basis but, is applicable to all styles of dance. Core training is important for the ability to perform well in modern, jazz, tap, and even acrobatics. This course will functionally train all styles of dance for greater core stability & function.

Start progressing...

  • Core is More Dancer

    Ages 10+, updated 2024 course, see details below!
    Válido por un año
    • If you want to improve your posture
    • Your balance.
    • Your turns.
    • Your stability & safety.
    • This course is for you!
    • Updated 2024 core course with 6 weeks of new routines
    • Routines 20-25 min in length designed for busy dancers
    • Gain clarity on common mistakes with core
    • Access to old core course will also be included in purchase
    • 1 year access to both courses
    • No refunds due to digital download content
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