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  • Core is More Dancer

    Ages 10+, updated 2024 course, see details below!
    Válido por un año
    • If you want to improve your posture
    • Your balance.
    • Your turns.
    • Your stability & safety.
    • This course is for you!
    • Updated 2024 core course with 6 weeks of new routines
    • Routines 20-25 min in length designed for busy dancers
    • Gain clarity on common mistakes with core
    • Access to old core course will also be included in purchase
    • 1 year access to both courses
    • No refunds due to digital download content
  • Extensions Course

    Improve height, flexibility, mobility & strength of legs
    Válido por un año
    • This course is for you if you want -
    • A higher arabesque, more control of legs, better lines --->
    • Improved turnout in extensions, better technique --->
    • Better front & a la secondé extensions.
    • Includes step by step videos 6 week plan
    • Mobility, strength, and flexibility trainings
    • 1 year access
    • This course is currently getting updated with 2024 routines!
  • Foot & Ankle Course

    Get better arches, less foot pain, & more articulation!
    Válido por un año
    • If you have flat feet, high arches, supinated feet, pronated
    • -->This is the course for you!
    • Decrease foot pain, strain, & irregular stress
    • Increase foot strength & articulation for better technique
    • Improve ankle stability & decrease risk of sprains/strains
    • Decrease risk of plantar fasciitis & tarsal tunnel syndrome
    • Improve strength for improved pointe work
    • Valid 1 year, no refunds
  • Turns 2.0

    The next step after learning pirouettes
    Válido por un año
    • Core Strength: Master stability for alignment during turns.
    • Get better fouettés, multiple turns, & high level turns!
    • Lower Leg Strength: A strong base is key!
    • Vestibular Training: For better spotting & visual tracking.
    • Quick routines 30 min or less!
    • 6 Weeks of progressed follow along routines
    • Perfect for the intermediate dancer of ages 12+
    • Included in Unlimited Year
  • Turnout Course

    Access to turnout course only.
    Válido por un año
    • Turnout Strengthening
    • End range of motion assessment
    • Flexibility and mobility training
    • Stretches for improving range of motion
    • Using your true turnout and maximizing your technique
  • Post partum dance exercises

    For dancers looking for a slow progression back to dance class with flexible routines for moms!
    • 6 Weeks of classes
    • Pelvic stability & posture awareness
    • Floor routines
    • Standing routines
    • Baby and me routine
    • Stretches
    • Educational materials & readings for post-partum
    • Flexible plan for being a mom
    • Unlimited access- one purchase, lifetime access!
  • Beginner Turns & Balance

    Master single pirouettes with targeted exercises & balance techniques.
    Válido por un año
    • Basics of turns & technique
    • Vestibular exercise for improved balance
    • Improve proprioception of feet in space while turning
    • Turning combinations for drilling technique
    • Level of turning routines = basic
    • Level of neuromuscular balance exercises can be up to adv
    • This course addresses various levels of balance intervention
    • From beginner to adv levels
  • Flexibility & Splits

    Gain flexibility & even work up to front & middle splits
    • Improve flexibility for front & middle splits
    • Learn technique of splits & what to avoid
    • Appropriate for dancers 6+ years of age
    • This is for passive flexibility not active mobility
    • One purchase, access for LIFE!
  • Beginner Ballet for Adults

    Learn technique, strength, & flexibility for a beginner
    • Systematic beginner ballet course
    • For a beginner with ZERO knowledge of dance
    • Can be any age to take it but, designed for adult dancers
    • 1 year access, 1x payment
    • No refunds
  • Port de bras & Arms

    Work on arm strength, mobility, & ballet arm positions
    • Learn the basic muscular activation patterns of ballet arms
    • Improve upper body alignment & freedom in movement
    • Strengthen without bulking the arms
    • Improve stabilization of thoracic (middle) spine
    • Alignment & postural awareness of upper body
    • Eliminate the noodle arms now!
  • Beginner Pointe

    To build strength, balance, & technique for beginner or returning to pointe dancers
    Válido por un año
    • 6 week progression for beginner pointe dancers
    • Work on barre & intro to center technique
    • For dancers with pointe clearance
    • Includes app & desktop version
    • 1 year access to plans
  • Snapping Hip for Dancer's

    Mobilize & strengthen your hips for snapping (dancer's hip relief).
    • 4 week progression of videos
    • Mobility & stretches
    • Strengthen key muscles affected in snapping hip
    • Educational articles
    • Motivational articles
    • One time purchase, lifetime access
  • Jumps & Power Playlist

    For dancers to improve the height, technique, and power of their jumps grand & petite allegro.
    • This is not a course- just a collection of classes
    • Access to full jump training classes
    • Singular jump focused exercises
    • Articles for education on how to improve jumps
    • Great for dance educators to help their students
    • and for dancers to improve their jumps
    • 1x payment LIFETIME access to this course
    • No refunds, no exceptions
  • Instructor Version- Core is More

    For instructors to improve dancers ability to activate core
    • Learn exercises to assist in students' development of core
    • Improve skills on correcting dancers' core/posture/balance
    • Ebook for Anatomical education of core
    • 6 weeks of exercise progressions updated 2024
    • Printable tracking sheets for students
    • Bonus: advanced dancer progressions for core
    • Ebook on integrating cross-training with technique class
    • Quizzes for content retention
    • Teacher downloadable certificate upon completion
    • Led by me, Core Certified Personal Trainer through NFPT
    • Fit app & progress tracking for self
    • No refunds due to nature of downloadable content
    • 1x purchase, no renewal needed
    • Not included in Unlimited Platform
  • Monthly Unlimited

    Cada mes
    Cancel anytime, no price hikes
    • 10+ courses for training strength, mobility, flexibility
    • Injury prevention portal for common ailments
    • Zoom workshops monthly for FREE
    • Discounted Merch
    • Discounted Private lessons
    • Loyalty points for redemption
    • Does NOT include private lessons
    • Everything in a year unlimited membership but, no privates
    • No refunds, no prorated memberships
  • Year Unlimited (More than $299 OFF)

    Cada año
    Billed annually at your rate, 50% off private, app, desktop, ALL courses, monthly Zoom workshops.
    • 50% off 1 private assessment (retail $70)
    • 10% off all follow up private lessons (retail $55)
    • All courses ($36/mo value- $432 year value)
    • Injury prevention portal access ($50 value)
    • 12 Monthly Live Workshops or recording access ($120 value)
    • 5% off all merch items
    • App, desktop, & mobile access with progress tracking
    • Billed annually (once a year locked in a purchase rate!)
    • Non-refundable purchase, see policies for details
  • Summer Intensive

    Perfect for the busy dancer not wanting to lose technique but, GAIN it over the summer!
    • 2 Live Zoom workshops + recordings
    • Exclusive community board with feedback from Veronica
    • Includes FREE Dancer Digital Planner & Progress Tracking
    • Injury Prevention Portal Access
    • 50% off coupon toward 1 hr. Private lesson!
    • Routines under 30 min!
    • 8 Weeks Self-Paced
    • Improve your turnout and open hidden hip mobility.
    • Stop falling out of pirouettes.
    • Reach the sky with extensions.
    • Stretch your feet like never before.
    • One purchase with lifetime access to content! Never expires!
    • Great for dancers 12+ years old (Recreational to Pro)
    • No refunds or chargebacks per digital download policy.

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