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Does this sound like you?

  • "I have trouble understanding how different muscles work together during dance movements."

  • "I struggle to identify common dance injuries & the technique deficits that cause them."

  • "I find it hard to modify exercises or choreography to accommodate dancers with varying physical abilities or limitations."

  • "I lack knowledge about how to prevent overuse injuries and fatigue in my dancers."

  • "I have trouble incorporating cross-training methods effectively into my dance curriculum."

Then, you're in the right place!

High Plank

You're more than a dance teacher...

you're the person who can either help a dancer grow in healthy ways or inhibit them from reaching their full potential.

But, it starts with your education.

Introducing the Core is More

Routines to teach your students

Beyond flexion & extension exercises

Quick 20 min routines to mesh into classroom practices. Start your students with growth in their technique by properly training their core muscles.

Healthy Habits for Dancers

You'll learn to teach your class how to train their core's and not focus on just abdominals. That core training is for health & safety-- not aesthetics or being skinny.

Ebook Anatomy

Learn important anatomy aspects of the core musculature.


Print out tracking sheets for your students to make cross-training a team building activity! Perfect for competition teams or ballet company dancers!

Dynamic exercises that encompass the entire core, moving beyond the abdominals. Tailored for dancers, these routines prioritize functional planes of motion, steering away from solely sagittal plane exercises. Engage your core strength in a dancer-centric approach.

Lifelong Commitment to Learning

Show off your life long commitment to improving yourself as a dance instructor with a completion certification at the end of your course. Showcase this to parents and even potential employment opportunities.

Advanced Progressions

This version of the course includes advanced progressions for instructors to use at their discretion with their classes.

NEW: 2024 Fall/Winter I will be launching a full dance instructor training platform for all areas of dance.
Be the first to know & get a special offer by signing up for the waitlist to join the program below! 



    Instructor Version- Core is More

    For instructors to improve dancers ability to activate core
    • Learn exercises to assist in students' development of core
    • Improve skills on correcting dancers' core/posture/balance
    • Ebook for Anatomical education of core
    • 6 weeks of exercise progressions updated 2024
    • Printable tracking sheets for students
    • Bonus: advanced dancer progressions for core
    • Ebook on integrating cross-training with technique class
    • Quizzes for content retention
    • Teacher downloadable certificate upon completion
    • Led by me, Core Certified Personal Trainer through NFPT
    • Fit app & progress tracking for self
    • No refunds due to nature of downloadable content
    • 1x purchase, no renewal needed
    • Not included in Unlimited Platform
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