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Do your extensions feel stuck?

5 Signs You Might Lack Strength for Extensions:

  1. Difficulty maintaining proper alignment: Does your back arch or your hips sag when attempting high extensions? 

  2. Shaky or uncontrolled extensions: Do you struggle to hold your leg steady at full extension, feel like you're gripping? 

  3. Limited range of motion: Can you only kick halfway up, even when warmed up? Weak hamstrings and quadriceps could be restricting your leg's ability to fully extend.

  4. Early fatigue: Do your legs get tired quickly during extensions? 

  5. Pain or discomfort: Do you experience any pain in your lower back, hips, or knees during extensions? This can be a sign of muscular imbalances due to weakness in certain areas.

If any of this sounds familiar, you're not alone! The good news is, targeted strength training can address these issues and help you achieve beautiful, powerful extensions with proper alignment and control.

& I have developed a plan just for you.

Image by David Hofmann

I know your frustration. You've likely heard the constant "Stretch your legs more" correction, desperately pushing for improved lines.


But here's the secret: the answer often lies not in more stretching, but in building strength!

Increase leg height

Easy to follow routines that progress over 6 weeks. Achieve greater technique & height with safe routines developed by a Certified Personal Trainer.

Enhance core control

It's not about sit ups and crunches or toning the abdominals. It's about all over trunk strength that will help you balance & move with grace. 

Improve aesthetics

Technique tips for ensuring quality of execution. This may help ballet, jazz, and modern dancers.

Safe sustainable training

To avoid overtraining I have developed a 6 week training plan that builds with your body.

All styles of dance

While my training focuses in ballet, jazz and modern dancers may benefit as well. 

Bonus features

  • Warm-up Ideas for Pre-Class Preparation

  • Anatomy Guide for Dancers & Educators (Visualize Muscle Activation)

  • Stretches to Increase Flexibility & Reduce Lactic Acid.

Improve now!

  • Extensions Course

    Improve height, flexibility, mobility & strength of legs
    Válido por un año
    • This course is for you if you want -
    • A higher arabesque, more control of legs, better lines --->
    • Improved turnout in extensions, better technique --->
    • Better front & a la secondé extensions.
    • Includes step by step videos 6 week plan
    • Mobility, strength, and flexibility trainings
    • 1 year access
    • This course is currently getting updated with 2024 routines!
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