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If you've ever thought...

"Maybe I'm just not built to be a dancer."

"My hips feel tight and my knees hurt. Do I just push through the pain or am I doing it wrong?" 

"I keep getting turnout corrections but, I don't know what I'm doing wrong."

"I practice turnout everyday but, I still look like a beginner. Should I quit?"

"I just have the worst fifth position!" 

Then your first step is to...


Too many dancers get stuck on repeat doing these two exercises & don't understand why they still haven't improved their turnout.

You can't keep doing the same exercises.
I have your solution.

Boost your confidence

Stop comparing yourself to everyone else and embrace maximizing your natural turnout!

Prevent Injuries

Improper use of turnout can cause knee, ankle, and hip injuries. Put increased strain on the low back and negatively impact dance technique.

Targeted exercises & stretches

Unlock tightness & improve the activation of your deep rotator muscles.

6 week progressed course

Enjoy 6 weeks of structured guidance with progressions of exercises to improve your turnout.

Unlock hidden hip mobility

Learn anatomy, exercises, and relevant education to reach your maximum potential!

Confidence in your coach

Learn from me, a Certified Personal Trainer, Physical Therapist Asst, and former professional dancer who will guide you through 6 weeks of training!

Start improving today

  • Turnout Course

    Access to turnout course only.
    Válido por un año
    • Turnout Strengthening
    • End range of motion assessment
    • Flexibility and mobility training
    • Stretches for improving range of motion
    • Using your true turnout and maximizing your technique
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