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What I know about you...

You're here because your hard work in class isn't yielding the results you want to see. 

Maybe you're like the many I have worked with who have tried other programs and seen little to no success. 

What I will promise you:

  • Exercises and videos backed by dance medicine, physical therapy and dance technique resources.

  • Quality 1 on 1 live instruction on Zoom included in Unlimited Year Membership 

  • Dedication toward your improvement in ballet

  • Results that do not cause bodily harm 

What I include in my Unlimited Membership: 

  • 1 Private Evaluation (1 hr) with me, Certified Personal Trainer & Former Physical Therapist Asst

  • Over 10 courses with focus areas of turnout, extensions, feet, mobility, pirouettes, & more (see entire course list here).

  • App & Desktop versions 

  • Videos and progress check ins in app 

  • Courses include educational info for dance educators and dance students

  • Injury prevention portal for dance problems like snapping hip

  • Free admission to all Zoom workshops 

  • Any additional course updates 

  • Chat support via Fit App

Modern Ballet Dancers
Image by Bruno Horwath

If you' have ever said or thought these things...

  • How can I improve with strength training without losing flexibility?

  • I don't know how to become a better ballet dancer...

  • Cross-training might make me bulky or restrict my flexibility 

  • I go to the gym and I have no idea what to do.

  • My teacher gives me corrections but, I cannot change them 

  • Whenever someone says "I want to dance professionally," I think I will never have that capability. 

  • I look in the mirror and get angry at my body.

...then, you are exactly who this platform was made for.

  • SAVE

    Year Unlimited (More than $299 OFF)

    Cada año
    Billed annually at your rate, 50% off private, app, desktop, ALL courses, monthly Zoom workshops.
    • 50% off 1 private assessment (retail $70)
    • 10% off all follow up private lessons (retail $55)
    • All courses ($36/mo value- $432 year value)
    • Injury prevention portal access ($50 value)
    • 12 Monthly Live Workshops or recording access ($120 value)
    • 5% off all merch items
    • App, desktop, & mobile access with progress tracking
    • Billed annually (once a year locked in a purchase rate!)
    • Non-refundable purchase, see policies for details
  • Monthly Unlimited

    Cada mes
    Cancel anytime, no price hikes
    • 10+ courses for training strength, mobility, flexibility
    • Injury prevention portal for common ailments
    • Zoom workshops monthly for FREE
    • Discounted Merch
    • Discounted Private lessons
    • Loyalty points for redemption
    • Does NOT include private lessons
    • Everything in a year unlimited membership but, no privates
    • No refunds, no prorated memberships

No refunds, plans autorenew monthly or yearly based on your selection.

Where you can expect ballet progress...


Maximize deep rotators & mobilize your hips.

Arms & port de bras

Learn upper body exercises & artistry.

Beginner technique

For a brand new dancer or one returning from injury.

Turns & balance

Neuromuscular techniques & balance training

Flexibility & splits

Deep stretches, mobilizations, & splits.


For moms coming back to dance of all ages. For natural & c-section births.


Improve arabesque, devant, & second.

Foot & ankle

Strengthen your arches, gain strength & balance.

Snapping hip

To improve symptoms & strengthen hips through restorative exercises.

Posture & core

Improve alignment & maximize potential.

Beginner Pointe

Start with the basics & build strength.

Jumps Playlist

You'll get more height, power, and technique, petite & grand allegro.

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