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  • Feeling thrown into pointe class without mastering basics?

  • Maybe you're the youngest or oldest in your class & never really had that "introduction," class?

  • Unclear on what to do or how to do it while others progress?

  • Pointe work feeling overwhelming and scary?

  • Or maybe you're new to the pointe world and you are ready to dive in on the technique?

Well, you're in the right place!


Beginner Pointe Technique

Let's work together to allow you to progress en pointe and reduce risk of injuries. For ages 10+ dancers cleared en pointe.

8 self-paced units

8 units of classes breaking down everything beginner pointe from tying your shoes to beginner level center work.

Prevent Injuries

Move slow & learn the mechanics of beginner pointe technique gain strength & reduce injuries.

Recommended Schedule

To help you hit that sweet spot of not practicing too much or not enough. 

All ages

Whether you're 10 or 50 this course is appropriate for you if you've been cleared by a professional to dance en pointe.

Barre & center

While most beginner pointe courses work on barre only I also will take you into the center for basics.

Confidence in your coach

Learn from me a Certified Personal Trainer, Bachelor's of Art in Dance, Physical Therapist Asst, and former professional dancer who will guide you through your education!

Let's get on the dance floor

  • Beginner Pointe

    To build strength, balance, & technique for beginner or returning to pointe dancers
    Válido por un año
    • 6 week progression for beginner pointe dancers
    • Work on barre & intro to center technique
    • For dancers with pointe clearance
    • Includes app & desktop version
    • 1 year access to plans
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